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Thread: Pied Pipers have "hylden head" antlers

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    Pied Pipers have "hylden head" antlers

    Are these guys the real inspiration for the hylden bone-ridges head design? Something drawn from previous in-world enemies and promoted into the main adversary race???

    A further link between the two:
    They're wearing M.C. Hammer clown pants in Blood Omen. --> The BO2 hylden's engineer caste wore a loose-fitting dress. (Camisole? Slip? Fahionable undergarments for their underground lair?) Nonetheless, a highly disturbing choice for what was supposed to be a major villain!

    We saw these satyrs of the dead during the short window of time AFTER Hylden Lord had entered the world thanks to the pillars' corruption but BEFORE the pillars were taken totally offline / exploded. So can the piping satyrs be seen as actual hylden vanguard troops? Did they follow in Hylden Lord's wake to spread chaos through Nosgoth as he got the hylden gate operation organized? Their tactics are in line with those the hylden use: raise non-hylden armies for high-attrition rate battles against enemies so the hylden can avoid having their own species members die. So that fits. These guys were pressing the corpses of nosgoth into service, just as the hylden "possession" method later seen in Defiance was raising skeletons of ancients and humans to battle Raziel for "free."

    There's this to speak against it, though: In hindsight, the best explanation for the Dark Entity (end boss of BO1) appearing in demon form instead of Hylden Lord's true form is that he couldn't yet manifest as a hylden until the pillars blew up. The binding was still strong enough to keep trueform hylden out of the world during BO1, and only after Kain refused to Balance the world was the binding weakened enough to let Hylden Lord's hylden body slip through to begin the Neo-Sarafan farse in person. I know some sources say HL came into the world bodily right from the start, but those sources don't make sense because why would he then immediately ditch his body somewhere to possess Mort using the same trick used by hylden still stuck on the other side? Why not just delegate Mortanius-Possessing duties to one of his hylden buddies on the other side, freeing him up to get started on his chore of building the hylden gate? Might as well not have brought the true body into Nosgoth yet if you're just going to leave it in stasis somewhere while you possess folks. Which is why I'd rule that he hadn't/couldn't manifest as a hylden yet, or that he didn't want to for secrecy's sake.

    ----> Ergo, these Pied Pipers of the Damned wouldn't have been able to bring their hylden bodies through the barrier yet either during BO1. Or they wouldn't have been allowed to, because it was still a top secret invasion at that point and getting seen in their true form could do huge damage to their chances by alerting the crazy Circle that the Unspoken was moving against them.

    The question is...... did Hylden Lord have that much discipline over his troops that they'd CHOOSE TO STAY IN HELL until he gave the go-ahead???? I'm wondering if maybe some of the hylden came through against his orders because they wanted some payback NOW, and yearned to walk in a living world again, because they'd waited centuries and weren't going to stay in hell a second longer. These could be the Pipers. Acting as free agents / rogues. What'd squash all of this is if the hylden gate wasn't open to anyone yet because it hadn't been built and wouldn't be for years to come, not until after Janos got possessed and was used as the secret ingredient that made the hylden gate function. (Leeching Janos was like getting the vampire-approval signature the hylden needed in order to sneak hylden bodies through the binding). So I'd say HL was bound by these physics too: He was "here" before the gate was established, but he wasn't "here here" all the way, which is why he took alternate forms at first. His one-of-a-kind special-ness is what got him through the barrier at all, but only bought him a half-way manifestation. And what was the basis of his specialness anyway? Was it the Nexus stone that let him power through to this side, or was it the super-concentrated Green-Glow powers he'd stolen from 1000's of hyldens which buffed him up so he could power his way through the barrier? That'd explain why the others weren't able to follow him through: they'd used up all of their soul-powers to pay for his expensive passage. Whatever.

    If the Pipers were hylden, and hylden bodies were still forbidden from doing full crossovers to this side, this leaves the possibility they were quasi-real manifestations, "cheats" of some kind, similar to how possessing a body was like cheating their way past the barrier. (Remember the sound the Satyrs made when they appeared/disappeared???? It was like a buzzer to alert you that some magical effect was taking place. A dead-lord crossing over from the spectral realm..... or just as easily a shadowy hylden manifestation crossing over from the Banishment zone! )

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    Personally, I just figure that they're necromancers spreading more death and destruction. Remember that Mortanius is not he only necromancer, Kain didn't put the pieces together until the end of Blood Omen. I've seen this idea before that they're Hylden, and I'll go along with this somewhat, and not say "They weren't thought up yet."
    What the series seems to suggest is that the Hylden can't get through while the Pillars are still up. Even when they're corrupted, they can't get through completely, but they can possess dead bodies and humans and this isn't "free" either. When they die in Defiance, their souls go to the Spectral Realm. This is a one way ticket and these must be volunteers willing to die for their cause. Hmm.... Except for Turel and Mortanius. I guess if they die while possessing someone, it's permanent, but they can choose to leave if they want. Raziel just didn't give them any opportunity to escape.
    Possessing Janos also seems to be very important to them. It seems that by possessing Janos, they could fly his body to their ancient city and activate the gate, allowing them to actually come through. They mention that they need the blood of their enemy, so I'd imagine that Ancient Vampire blood was necessary for activating something there.

    Also, something that actually helps your theory is this. You see them in Coorhagen, Kain's home. The place is devastated by a plague, and at the end of the place, you find some guys in robes... The exact same Fire Wizards or whatever they're called that you fight in Avernus, who are followers of Hash'ak'gik. Personally, I think this was intentional, that the followers of Hash'ak'gik spread this plague just to raise even more hell and maybe they were targeting the new Balance Guardian by attacking his home town.

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