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Thread: Waterfall sounds and textures

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    Waterfall sounds and textures

    I have a waterfall object and I thought it would be nice to add a waterfall sound! I read in ngle manual that I had to enter either 777 or 668 ocb . But neither of these two ocbs worked.....
    Also , I have some waterfall textures and I want to make a waterfall animation. I selected the river rotate and 30 fps , but the ngle crashed!! Any ideas??

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    You have to make sure the sound is assigned to your wad. Since those OCB's aren't working the sound might not be assigned.

    To add it you can either tick the sound in WADMerger Sound Manager but that tends to be a bit on the buggy side so when using it, first make a backup of your entire wad.

    Personally I always use TRLE Sound Editor by sapper.
    It's an easy-to-use program with which you edit the sounds.txt and convert to new.sam and .sfx files for your wad.

    As for the crash with the river rotate, I do not know what could be the reason.
    Perhaps the speed is too high?
    Normal waterfall textures are set at 8 as far as I know (at least that's what's often specified in the script with UVRotate=.
    But the 8 in that command might not mean 8fps.
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