Hello Eidos Community,

I'm huge fan of Tomb Raider, i have bought recently the latest tomb raider game on steam, hoping to play the game @ 1080p/60 fps i bought a new GPU (GTX 780 Ti Classified), to my surprise i couldn play the game @ steady 60 fps, so i upgraded to a new one, and nothing, same exact result and performance, here are the two PCs i used to play the game:

Old vs New:

CPU: i7 920 C0 Stepping OC @ 3.9 GHZ \ / i7 4790k OC @ 4.5 GHZ
RAM: 8 GB Corsair @ 1333 MHZ \ / 16 GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600 MHZ
MOBO: MSI X58 Platinum \ / z97 MSI Gaming 7
Storage: HDD 500 GB Sata II \ / 2x SSD 840 EVO RAID 0

With the first system i was told that there was a bottleneck, but with the new one i highly doubt of any bottleneck.

Here are some screenshots:


It looks like the drops occurs only when the camera gets close to Lara's hair.

Tomb Raider config:

Anti Aliasing: FXAA
Depth of field: Ultra
Display Mode: Full Screen
Hair Quality: TressFX
High precision: On
Level of detail: Ultra
Post processing: On
Reflections: High
Resolution: 1080p
Shadow resolution: High
Shadows: Normal
SSAO: Ultra
Tesselation: On
Texture Filter: Anisotropic 16X
Texture quality: Ultra

Thanks in advance.