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Thread: Ariel's Scales were Anacrothe's binding item--SCANDAL!

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    Ariel's Scales were Anacrothe's binding item--SCANDAL!

    Ariel was touching Anacrothe's very special item when she croaked! The scales of justice was the metaphor seemingly being used there in the short movie sequence, and her dying hand tipped it out of balance toward chaos. But strangely the Balance Guardian wasn't issued the scale as her own binding item, that went to States. For anacrothe, his scale likely was a way of balancing his shapechanging matter/energy equations, his worries having to do with the laws of conservation of mass, etc. But now we must confront the issue of whether Ariel's fingering of the scales as her last act represents a secret love affair. Were her last thoughts turned toward what a tragedy it'd be to never again feel Anacrothe's wanton caress? Was he the best lover she'd ever had, able to alter his form in all kinds of kinky ways that resulted in the kind of gratification Ariel could never have gotten from Nupraptor?

    Hell, we've misjudged the whole reason why the circle was taken with madness! When Nuppy (Nupraptor) came home he found his dead honey clutching the binding item of another circle member in her bloody hands! Our dear Mr. Nup had been cuckholded, and by one of his closest buddies in the local magicians' union. He went mad with jealous rage and didn't know who else might have been sticking it to the missus, so he realized he couldn't trust any of the circle because the Time Guardian MUST have known about the affair and had neglected to tell Nupraptor. That's why Nupraptor slammed the entire circle with his madness curse, because he hated them for how they'd kept him in the dark, the last to know the truth, that Ariel's milkshake had been bringing all the boys to the yard. That's why Anacrothe skipped town and only showed up at the end when he thought the smoke had cleared. Notice how Mortanius' lightning smote Anacrothe right through the heart. Like Mort was saying take that, you heartbreaker you. And you had the audacity to call me the circle breaker, when really it was you the States gaurdian who got us all cursed because you couldn't keep your pants on. How's that for a State: try keeping it in your pants! Here, have some lightning!

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    More Serious now. Serious faces, people! ......

    The Scales belonging to the States Pillar instead of Balance also ties in nicely with how the pillars have always had a problem with Balance. Namely, I don't think the pillars ever have been truly balanced!

    They were built upon a lie. They seem like the proof that Ancients are "above it all" like gods. But they were really constructed as a down-and-dirty war weapon, and built on the Indian Burial Ground of hylden banishment, and every moment since they've been keeping the hylden damned and in constant pain. That's a constant state of..... not being in balance, because they're constantly leaning forward and straining to keep the lid on the hylden, pressing down on the manhole cover that keeps the enemy entombed. That's not a "zen" state. Conflict is supposed to be ONE pillar's purpose, not all of the pillars' constant purpose, and Balance is supposed to oversee things from a lofty, uninvolved position. Well, I think the Banishment usage of the pillars forced Balance Guardians to come down from the zen perch they were ideally supposed to have and they got permanently embroiled in the hatred, unable to extricate themselves from the constant war footing. It's not healthy. I think it's put a strain on the whole system which is showing up in various ways, like Janos having to discover lately that the vampire hero isn't as noble and saintly as portrayed by the religion. The truth is that the vampire hero is caught up in the consequences of how THE ANCIENTS DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE, and the pillars were an attempt to whitewash over the horror and paint a pristine face on what they did, like the world could just be groovy from now on, and the skeletons in their closet would never come bumping in the night to haunt them. "Balance" was a lie. They hadn't earned Balance. Which is why they don't have it. I think the lesson that's in the offing here is that the Hylden damnation needs to be revisited and addressed by the Scion before vampire history can really reach a resolution. It's not a solution to simply put a new padlock on the gates of hell. Balance requires more.

    So in a way it's highly symbolic to me that the States Pillar has possession of the Scales as its binding item, and not the Pillar of Balance. It's as if Anarcrothe was, in his own way, working the problem. Because balance was something they were lacking, so it was from their point of view a STATE of being that they wanted to acquire, so it's fitting that the Scales would be given to the States Guardian so he/she could try to figure out the mystery and balance the equation so the Pillars could one day "get there" and reach that State of balance in truth. At that point, I'd imagine the Scales would be handed back to the Balance Guardians as their binding item, and the Pillars would stop demanding the Souls of balance guardians as collateral----- the pillars have only been holding on to Balance Guardians' souls because those guardians died still owing something to the Pillars which they hadn't lived up to during their Guardianships!!!!! Once they finally begin doing their job fully and properly as designed (by "balancing" the ongoing hylden problem), the Pillar will let them rest in peace when they die. The deep-reaching fundamental flaw will have been solved that's currently putting strain on the Pillar system!

    END OF SERIOUSNESS! ---- What would the States Pillar then use as its replacement binding item? Maybe some liquid mercury in a cool lava lamp. Maybe a Gaseous State fart taken from its hiding place deep within the Guardian upon death. A death-stench fart.

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    I can't believe I missed that first post of yours here. You've figured it out! This is the ultimate LoK theory!
    And that is pretty funny about the scales. They are probably supposed to be about measuring alchemical ingredients.

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