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    Search Out Targets...

    Rather than knowing your targets location and his live updated route right from the start, it would be better if 47 had to do some investigating to find him first.

    47 is first provided with a target's likely location; his office, quarters, etc., and a photo description, whereby 47 has to hunt him down or do some investigating, either by listening in on conversations or talking people up.

    Example: 47 arrives to a building, he overhears a group of co-workers gossiping about the boss man upstairs with his mistress. Part of the conversation could go like "I hope his wife shows up", to which the other person says "That's why they don't hang around here no more, only employees and vendors are allowed upstairs". This means that 47 has to take on a vendors disguise to be granted access upstairs. Coincidentally, a delivery guy may approach the front desk and say "Package for so and so", here, you can wait for him in the elevator hatch and strangle him. Or, if the the timing is too constrained, you can dispose of a vendor outside or gain access upstairs as an employee. Maybe the front desk has a roster of all the tenants? Now you have to get access to the front desk without anyone catching wind. Now you have the targets room number if you didn't already have it. Your target may be in the room or not. His marker won't appear until you've gotten close and ID'd him.

    After you've identified target, his marker will be active forever, or maybe not. Thoughts?

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    That's definitely a great idea..makes you actually have to play cautiously and on guard. Hopefully they consider doing that on a harder diffuculty. I think getting rid of the map would be pretty cool too because I feel we would have to play more in depth. Instead of checking the map you would just have to explore and figure things out.

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    I love this idea. On playing through Blood Money, I did not realize the amount of information that was available on the maps for quite some time. That meant that I had to actually play through the levels and find things for myself, and I think it was a better gameplay experience for it.

    The less hand-holding, the better.

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