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Thread: Fighting Mechanics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arvin47 View Post
    47 should keep his Cold blood
    Yes. We should pressure the devs into having 47 get a tattoo of a fridge instead of a barcode. You know to symbolize how he always keeps his blood cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master47 View Post
    Actually I think 47 should rip off his shirt after taking an enemy down yelling: "come at me bro!". And then beautiful women should crawl to him moaning. started to say b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t..We will let you be.

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    Obvious trolling is obvious. Seriously Arvin. Unlike most of your actual ideas, which are borderline retarded.

    Sometimes you gotta fight stupidity with stupidity I guess.

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    Anyway I've givin' my two cents to this discussion way back - Trolling aside.

    I'm out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master47 View Post
    47 should then laugh.
    do you really think.......47......a serious character like him should laugh when he kick his enemies private part??????????then you say i'm stupid?????????

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    too bad here's no facepalm emoticon... oh wait... it's good too:

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    let's stop this discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwanedangles View Post
    I know hitman isn't a fighting game but in the case of not having any weapons and your in danger I think the melee system should be something under heavy consideration.

    I liked how blood money introduced somewhat of a way to knock enemies out but it was too simple..either disarm or headbutt and a quick one-two punch.
    Absolutions fighting was kind of tedious in a way. I also don't like pressing a sequence of buttons just to knock someone out.

    In my opinion ( just an opinion so open for critisim but pls no arguments ) if anyone has played any of the batman games I think the fighting is fluent and amazing. Its sort of simple but fun. You have attack, (preferbly punch) takedowns, gadgets, ( not to necessary for a hitman in a fight) and last but not least the counter system( a little icon appears to press the counter button and leaves you open for attack or takedown). I'm not saying put emphasis on physical combat but if its needed I think they should have a free flow fighting system similar to this.

    If anyone has any cool or interesting ideas I'd like to hear
    See the problem with that is Hitman was always somewhat realistic in what people can do. Like in the old games, he never went full ham and started kungfuing while shooting everybody. In the real world, you can't just start kungfuing dudes with guns. I don't think it'd fit in very well.

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    being realistic is one of hitman roots and they are getting back to hitman roots.
    We don't want to see any unrealistic feature that is coming in the game.
    For example:imagine parkor of assassin's creed series in terrible!!!
    I don't want to say assassins creed is bad but it's not as realistic as hitman.
    each series have it's own features...when you change this features or try to make a game as did nothing but making game terrible.
    sorry for bad english...

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    When 47 is arm with just the fisticuffs, pressing the attack button a bunch of times will perform a 5 hit combo. He should also be able to grab people, perform judo flips and disarm. The computer should be able to do everything that 47 can. This way the game will be way harder and better for the stealth gameplay, because you will no longer be able to easy over power your enemy. Making it more realistic enemies can now take down and disarm 47 forcing the player to avoid combat situations.

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    I liked Blood Money hand-to-hand, but Absolution one was way better!!

    Ok it was sometimes boring and a pain in the *ss to push the correct sequence of buttons, especially when you have a tight timing to knock off your enemy and hide, but still, it gave me goosebumps. It was like i was punchin the guy IRL!!

    I hope Hitman 6 will still have these fight sequences.

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    The combat system can be as deep as they want just No more QTE's. Uncharted, Metal Gear, Devil third is coming out and the fighting looks ok. Any thing but QTEs

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    Bloody Money - Never found the need to melee always chose a firearm, so I was lucky.

    Absolution fighting was not so bad, the cinematic focus was O.T.T but i understand a need for a focus or adjustment of the camera angle, maybe make it more subtle or do not adjust the camera angle.

    Only prob was on hardest mode a slip up meant death which was a pain. I thought Hitman was a specimen that was pretty untouchable in hand to hand combat. Bullets are a different story as expected.

    From behind = sleeper hold, sleep or break
    front attack = disarm, punch, take down? I feel out of character for 47 to wrestle. A punch sounds more appropriate.

    Disarm could feature 2 moves:
    (1) Disarm and take person as human shield
    (2) Switch gun around on the person, leaving 47 with the firearm.
    Could be combined with a fake hands up until the player triggers the action to disarm.

    As for fighting with bare hands, multiple punches would require multiple button taps, any other method would be ridiculous. I do not want to perform a combo with 1 button, I am quite capable of pressing 3 to 5 buttons all on my own. One punch should not be all it is require with every target. However, most weak targets should be grounded or knocked out. Large targets or trained enemies should require at least 2 or 3 punches to put to sleep.


    Any thoughts?

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