Thread: PC Gamer gives Hitman: Absolution a 62/100

PC Gamer gives Hitman: Absolution a 62/100

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    PC Gamer gives Hitman: Absolution a 62/100

    Key points of the review:

    Art style is bad and bloom is overused

    Story is terrible

    Levels are, for the most part, very small

    Objectives are usually to open a door, not to kill someone

    PC port is bad with controls that tell you to "gently" press LMB. Performance is 15~fps on 2/3 review machines

    No saving discourages exploration

    Weapons do not carry over across missions

    AI is bad

    Game encourages you to kill guards, unlike other Hitman games

    Most assassinations are cutscenes and in a lot of them 47 fails to kill the target, rendering all of your work pointless

    Contracts mode is pretty decent

    Currently, though, Absolution is not worth buying. If they can somehow patch in a save function, improve performance, and let players do interesting things with Contracts, it will be. Until then, I'd wait for a preposterous Steam sale.

    That's someting I never thought I'd have to say about a Hitman game. I desperately hope the reaction to it is strong enough to convince the developers to change direction, because I couldn't stand to watch the series die like this.

    tl;dr: They ed up Hitman, everyone's fears when they dumped Bateson and Kyd were right.

    Source edit: Removed in compliance with the rules of this subreddit. I'm sure a dedicated individual could find them easily, though. Gameranx did an article on the article here.

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    Anything lower than a 7 for a game as good as that is trolling, or maybe he was high at the time.