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Thread: Tomb Raider Underworld Glitches - Cool Ones Though!

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    Wink Tomb Raider Underworld Glitches - Cool Ones Though!

    Use this thread to share cool and funny glitches.

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    Smile Falling Under the Mediterranean Sea

    On Amanda's Boat at the part where you enter the interior, you need to slowly head into the left arch. If you travel far enough, the door will close, so run through it outside. If you succeed, the boat will be floating in mid-air and the sea will vanish. Also, Lara's yacht isn't there, and when you jump off the anchor, the checkpint from it will register and you will fall to your death whenever you reload. Note: Don't manually save after performing the glitch, otherwise you won't be abe to complete the game.

    If you know anymore, don't hesitate to tell me!

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    Smile Backwards Roll of Invincibility

    If you're on a high ledge and you want to get down quickly, simply follow these simple steps:
    1. Turn your back to the edge
    2. Get the right distance away from the edge; it needs to be the right distance so when Lara rolls, she hits her neck on the drop-off and springs up without stumbling.
    3. Lock your guns (or a grenade), look down to the floor and roll backwards.

    With luck, she will roll off the ledge and not die! This glitch can be used to get Lara off the broken lift in Bhogavarti.

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