Thread: Age differences?

Age differences?

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    Age differences?

    Some weird stuff goes on in this game. If you want, chat about it here. Give your input and see others.

    So, I'm watching the cutscenes and something struck me. Vanille is 19 and considered a kid by pretty much everyone. However, Serah is 18 and she's engaged. Kinda twisted, don't ya think?

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    Another question...How do people know a I'Cie by looking at them? Sure, they have marks, but couldn't Hope just have covered his better (Lightning's is covered) and they could have just walked around Palumpolum?

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    I'm not too sure about the first question, but for the second question, they actually did walk around in several cities undetected. If you remember, there is one scene where two of them (I forget who, Hope and Snow I think. I know Hope is there because part of this scene includes him giving back a teddybear to a little girl) are wandering the streets with the citizens. The citizens don't figure out who they are until they reveal it to scare them to safety sothe army doesn't kill them. There are also a couple of other places (the race where Snow rescues that guy on the bike and when Vanille and Sazh see the fireworks for example) where no one is supicious of them until they use magic/ reveal their brands/ announce their identities or until the army shows up. The army knew their faces and who they were but were keeping quiet to not panic the civillians and so that they could capture them themselves (to redeem their failure to capture them the first time). How safe it was to walk around on the streets depended if any soldiers were near.