Anyone interested in creating any type of petition to Eidos/Square Enix/Microsoft regarding the shutdown of GFWL Market Place and the removal of the ability to purchase DLC?

It's doubtful that Microsoft is willing to provide a solution for one game (although I know many were affected by the shutdown of the market price.)

I believe that Square Enix shut down the team/studio that developed BSP so any removal of GFWL or re-coding to move to an alternative option like steamworks is probably out the window.

What I'm thinking is that maybe we should get a petition asking for BSP's DLC to be released as freeware? I'm more than willing to pay for it, but unless they come up with a solution to actually get it, I don't think it's fair to owners of BSP to keep them from getting it.

Edit: After some additional research on these forums I noticed that The Last Stand DLC set to be released (for free) will have the Carrier Battles, Mustang Races etc. included. If so this is awesome. Last post on it was in May so I'm hoping this is still the case.