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Thread: Can't Save in BO1

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    Can't Save in BO1

    Hi everyone !
    I've bought a copy of BO1 (french version) and installed it with Cuban Raul's Installer : the game and cinematics are working great, There is just the logo movies that are missing, but I don't care.

    The only problem that I saw during my game was the fact that when I walk over the "save sign", nothing happens :/

    Can someone help me?

    I'm using Windows 8.1 x64.

    thanks a lot

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    Just to be sure of these things, I'll ask them:

    The red triangle in front of the first save station, where Kain states what it is, is not what you mean, yes? You walk forward into the middle of the save station's platform, and nothing happens there?

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    Yes, i mean the middle of the platform when I walk over it, I don't have the box asking if I want to save :/

    And i've forgot to say that during the installation, I had the "No CD found" stuff in the end of it, and I chosed "Ignore"

    And I'm sorry for my bad english

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    Go into your BO1 folder and see if there's a "SAVE" subfolder. If not, create one.

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    It created a "SAVE" subfolder in BO1 folder, but it did not solve the problem

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    It should be created subfolder SAVED in BO1 folder, not "SAVE". :yes:
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