Thread: Hitman 5 Walkthroughs (Acted)

Hitman 5 Walkthroughs (Acted)

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    Hitman 5 Walkthroughs (Acted)

    Hey guys, a while ago I made video walkthroughs for the latter half of Hitman Absolution. I wanted to make them stand out, so I played 47 as realistically as I could. I did things like pause at certain moments to create suspense, portray intelligence, show off the beautiful environments, and display 47's calm and calculated nature.

    I put a lot of work into them by rehearsing and editing. But not many people are viewing them. So I thought I would share them directly with my fellow Hitman fans.

    Here are a few videos to give you a taste. You can find the rest in the Playlist they belong to.

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    I made video too, named "Hitman Abs. SA speedrun as walkthrough".

    It's video from o777o (X360) aka Karamati (PS3), you can see my Top scores on majority of good contracts (especially Featured Contracts, i like silent assassin, i don't like nooby "be spotted"). Usually i'm No1-No6.

    So this video is really good, it's not perfect (for Top10 score, not for No1) but i'm not going to waste too much of time for "single player" (i prefers contracts).

    As for walktrough:
    -if you have problem to repeat my moves then try it on Expert (you will see arrows)
    -too hard ways avoided (but i'm not going to waste 30-60 seconds / level).