Couple of my Ideas for Hitman 6.

I think there should be primary missions 15 - 20, classic Hitman missions, travel around the world, meet new people and then kill them in exotic locations.

Along with primary missions should come up " low level contracts " like in bloodmoney.

Contract mode should come back...

Secondary missions should be sniper missions, like was hitman sniper challenge. It was so funny and this missions should make you some extra money so you can buy new tuxedos, mods for guns, new guns, gadgets and bribes and cleanups if needed.


Map should come back but not in a way that was before. I think you shold break into security office to download some layouts or something like that.

Instinct should not be visual. But made by sound. I think when you use it, you should here important things, if somebody is closing in on you. From right or left. Or what is going on in next room. If somebody would be closing, you would here footsteps. Maybe add heartbeat into it. Rising sound. It would give tension to the scene. Imagine lockpicking scene....