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Thread: Where the hell is Deus EX 4?

Where the hell is Deus EX 4?

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    It Might Take Time

    Do you think Deux Ex 4 will take as long to come out as Half-Life 3?

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    Hopefully it won't take as long as DNF, in any case.

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    Unlike the film that I have no hopes in, future games if improved and not totally rehashed from dx3 looks promising.

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    Will be interesting. Eidos has Tomb Raider (reboot) 2 coming out next year for Xbox only. Will they be targeting a wide release for DX:U (or whatever) for all platforms to cover the Christmas season, or would they rather wait until 2016 to not cannibalize TR2 sales.....

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    I don't think that Deus Ex would really cut into Tomb Raider sales or vice versa.
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