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    Hintma 6

    Alkuperäinen kirjoittaja Rane^ Näytä viesti
    Uusi Hitman tehdään Glacier 2 -pelimoottorilla. Samalla pelimoottorilla tehtiin myös Hitman: Absolution.

    Mitähän tähän nyt sanois...
    Mikäs vika moottorissa on... Pirun nätti ja teknisesti kovatasonen pelihän absolution oli.
    [Antec P182] [Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4] [Core i5 2500K@4.5 GHz] [8 GB Kingston DDR3 1300 MHz] [Asus GTX 680 DC2 OC, Palit GTX 680 JetStream SLI] [Corsair TX650 v2]

    [D3 Profiili]

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    Hey RondaSKing, please try to write in English so that most people can understand your messages. Using a translator is also fine.

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    Finnman to the rescue! Unfortunately the post is just a copy (or a failed quote) of someone else's post in one finnish forum; I think that can also be seen from the structure of the post even without understanding the content.

    Which is really scarce.

    It basically says that Hitman 6 uses the Glacier 2 engine, the same one which Absolution used.

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