Links to important forum threads and popular topics

Below you'll find a collection of frequently used forum threads. Please see the list below before creating a new thread - there may already be an existing one!

Official MEMBERS Reviews/First Impressions/Let's Play Thread (Got a review of TR9 you made yourself? Post it here!)

Complete Archive of Tomb Raider PC Saved Game Files (Big database of PC game saves)

Official Player Tips & Tricks thread (handy combat and other tips)

Console or PC? (Can't decide between buying the PC or a console version? Look here for opinions.)

PS3 or Xbox 360? (Can't decide between buying the PS3 or 360 version? Look here for opinions.)

Official Re-playability thread (Discuss what to do after completing the main story)

The official pre-order questions & comments thread (All discussions on pre-ordering TR9. Look here for info on which editions there are and where they are available. You'll also find user experiences with retailers here.)

Tomb Raider: The Countdown & Launch Party Thread (Fangasm thread! Express your excitement for the launch of TR9. How will you celebrate the release of Lara's latest adventure? Mods will be more lenient on spam and double posts in this thread )

Official Show Your Appreciation Thread (A one-stop for all thank-you's and kudos to the dev team)

Post your Steam / PSN / XBOX Live usernames here (Find and share handles for playing TR9 Multi Player with your fellow forum buddies)

Official Ambassadors Q&A links (TR community Q&A articles, videos and audio recordings from E3 2012)

Quick Note to All Members (Short message from the staff about the forum's post report feature)

Game Expo & Community Events (Photos of events, including a lot of cosplay!)

TR9 Demo Discussion Thread (Discuss what you would like to see out of a demo)

CrystalD officials introduction and welcome thread (talk with the TR devs!)

New Lara voice actress (Discussions about the actress who voices Lara in the new game, Camilla Luddington.)

Lara's new look & body (From head to toe - discuss Lara's new physical features. Warning: boob discussions always lurking around a corner )

Official wishlist for the TR9 development team (Got some ideas for the new game? Share it in this thread or vote for wishes already posted. THE DEVS ARE READING THIS THREAD!)

Message about scans (Important notice about copyrighted material)

A message from Karl Stewart – Global Brand Director – Crystal Dynamics/Tomb Raider

Initial TR9 announcement (via GameInformer) + TR9 FAQ thread (old)