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Thread: Core Design being replaced by Crystal Dynamics

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    Core Design being replaced by Crystal Dynamics

    After the unsuccessful Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, Core Design was sold to Rebellion Studios. Core started working on a brand new video game "Free Running." After they came up with an idea to remake the first game of the Tomb Raider franchise onto the PlayStation Portable, they immediately gave the idea to Eidos. Eidos agreed and (Core Design) placed the Free Running project to the side. Core immediately began working on their tenth anniversary edition. While they were constructing the video game, Crystal Dynamics was working on Tomb Raider: Legend. Core Design wanted to create a Lara Croft model that resembled their model. A trailer of Tomb Raider: Anniversary was distributed onto the internet on June 8, 2006. The video was not a good representation of an upcoming video game, but Eidos did confirm they were making an action packed sequel which would be developed by Crystal Dynamics. Later in the making, SCi cancelled Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Core Design was dismissed from the Tomb Raider project. As a result, all of the computers were wiped clean which erased their entire version forever. Core Design is no longer able to produce video games. Crystal Dynamics, known for their work on the Legacy of Kain series, relaunched the series with Tomb Raider: Legend which brought the character back to its tomb raiding roots. It was the first time since the original Tomb Raider that Lara Croft's original creator, Toby Gard returned to work on a sequel. The game heavily expanded on Lara Croft's background, detailing on the loss of her mother in early childhood and how she followed her father's footsteps to find her (therefore beginning her archaeology career). Tomb Raider: Legend introduced an electromagnetic grapple that Lara can attach to metal objects and can, amongst other things, be used to make rope swings and pull metal objects (and enemies) toward her.
    A conceptual render of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot.

    Following the success of Legend a remake of the original was produced and released almost a year later, called Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The game expanded on some of the plot lines, further setting up the follow-up Tomb Raider: Underworld, which was released in late 2008. Underworld featured the conclusion of the loose trilogy that forms Legend, Anniversary and Underworld.

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