Tested and confirmed working. This will allow you to manually revoke a license from batman AC if other methods don't work/not found ( I haven't tried myself though I know securom hasn't released an official revoke tool yet)...

1) open up notepad and paste this into it:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\batman2\Binaries\Win3 2\BatmanAC.exe" /revoke

(note that this is my default steam path installation. Edit as necessary...)

2) save as rev.bat
3) right click the file and run as administrator to be safe
4) let the command line do its thing. This may take up to 30s. Eventually a Batman AC securom revoke menu will pop up and revoke your key.

I have tested to make sure I got my key back by re-activating which knocked down my limit back to 4 keys left.

I know Securom is EVIL, unethical, and just really crappy towards paying customers, so hopefully this will be a nice band aid solution for those who may find it useful until (hopefully) securom gets patched out.

- Shout out to this topic and to Malolan for creating a very similar fashion of manually revoking Arkham Asylum if needed http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...ghlight=revoke -