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Thread: [SPOILER!] Heart of Darkness Outcome

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    [SPOILER!] Heart of Darkness Outcome

    I am curious about one thing. After replaying Defiance recently, it came through my mind the fact that Kain would not have his Vampiric needs after the Heart of Darkness leaves his chest. I'm thinking that that he would be more of an Ancient from now on. Or maybe he still acts like an ordinary vampire (drinking blood etc.) because his role as Scion of Balance was not yet fulfilled completely. One more theory can be that he maintains his vampirism through his role as Scion of Balance, still affected by the Hylden Curse, which seems to be the most suitable outcome.

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    Kain's vampirism is not connected to the Heart of Darkness or his role as the Scion of Balance. Mortanius used the Heart to turn Kain into Vampire, but Kain was raised from the dead by necromancy and thus, unlike the Anctiens, possess the Hylden Curse in his own soul.

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    Kain was revived as a vampire because Mortanius gave him the Heart. Let's take Moebius's Staff for instance, which was renowned for it's ability to immobilize vampiric energy. If Kain was still your regular vampire, why wasn't he affected by the Staff at the end of Defiance?

    "The part of me that staff affected is no longer in its place." - Kain

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    The staff is only known to affect vampire hearts, and the wraith blade. Had any other vampire from any era somehow been able to walk around with their heart torn out, I'm sure it would be useless on them too. It doesn't necessarily imply that Kain is no longer vampiric, or that the Heart of Darkness is the one and only nexus of his vampirism.
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    Hmm, it seems that I omitted the fact that the orb affects only hearts, but the fact that it affects the Reaver which is Vampiric Energy still lets me to wonder, why just the heart? Either way, I thank you for your replies, gentlemen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PebbleInThePond View Post
    after the Heart of Darkness leaves his chest I'm thinking he would be more of an Ancient from now on. Or maybe he maintains his vampirism through his role as Scion of Balance, still affected by the Hylden Curse.
    You're onto something. He's still cursed but without the heart it's like the head of the snake has been cut off. He's closer to beating the (weakened) curse than any vampire ever has been. Most fans didn't want the story to go that way because they don't want Kain to change, but there are clear indications that Kain was changing. And he was seeing the enemy clearly at last; his earlier "life" spent loving the curse is over now that he knows the curse was a hylden yoke put on him by the freaks he fought in Blood Omen 2. He'll still embrace the curse for all the power it gives him, but he won't like it anymore because he'll feel like a toyed-with hylden experiment. He'll want to throw off that hylden dog collar (that turned his race into feral dogs) and trade the curse away for a new power source that gives him better evolutionary options.... and that's the direction Amy started heading in at Defiance's end.

    It's the pillars that are sustaining him now, like he's a hybrid vehicle who just switched over to electric batteries and away from his blood-guzzling gasoline engine. And his purified eyes are opening to new possibilities now that he's acting like a real balance guardian. He'd see that the most balanced planet wouldn't have an all-dead landscape. And as the rest of the world recovered thanks to his efforts, he might have become less dead along the way too. So that the ancients could live again through Kain's (living) children. That's the most complete victory over the Squid who spent eternity trying to deny that future. Kain would want to rub it in, to show the Squid the dawn of this new reality as EG was in his death throes.

    (the Air Forge in Soul Reaver 2 was a fascinating early attempt of the vampires to cut the curse out by removing the heart. it looks like all they achieved is putting themselves into stasis. the curse is anchored to the heart so you can't extricate yourself from it without dying. They were prophets, though, waiting to point Raz toward performing the heart surgery that'd finally work, on Kain.)

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