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  • Australia

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  • Brazil

    3 23.08%
  • China

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  • Japan

    2 15.38%
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Thread: Additional server support

Additional server support

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    Any update on this topic Admins?


    Does anyone know which admin to contact in regards to these Q's ? thanks

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    Merged this into the other thread about server locations

    For the moment the servers are limited to Europe and North America to help work out the bugs etc. during the closed beta phase.

    As the game reaches closed beta in the winter, the devs will be considering more servers to be opened up and as you can see from the poll Australia might be quite a popular choice for the community.
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    Exclamation Expand to the WORLD!

    I know this game is still new and such, I've recommended this game to all my friends, and these friends of mine are big spenders, like literally, if they see a skin they like...out comes the wallet. However, they only' will get this game if theres Oceania servers, South East Asian Servers atleast, get the challenge of the asian gamers onto this. This is a suggestion to test out new servers, especially would be amazing if the Oceana players can get their hands on this without the 300 + pings we have to share with the Merican's

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    a sea sever for everyone would be better than just some specific places like Australia, japan , china , ...
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    Post Oceanic Server?

    I don't want to waste your time complaining and whining the whole post, so I'm just going to say simply, that I experienced my first case of ping discrimination today.
    To be honest, I can understand why people would leave a game when other players on their team have 200 ping, considering lag is deadly in a game like Nosgoth. In fact, if I was in their position, I probably would have eventually done the same thing.
    So I just wanted to ask, is there any hope at all for an oceanic server in the near-future, say, during open beta or full release?

    (New to the forums here, I apologise in advance if I'm doing something wrong.)

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    Actually there IS an Oceanic Server... I've had the mishap of being put into it once when I let it pick the best choice for me to play in.

    Needless to say it failed hard and I had a crazy ping.

    But it was labeled OC for the server name. Instead of EU/NA for every other server. My guess would be there isn't a high population playing in OC thus it puts you elsewhere when you look for a game.

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    Really? That would be awesome, but, shouldn't there be an option for it then when you choose a region/server before entering a match?

    You're right, there really are oceanic servers. I just joined two different ones myself and my ping went from 200-250 to 0-50. If these servers exists, why hasn't the 'oceanic' region been added to the region selection yet?
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    Interesting. It appears there ARE Oceanic servers which are public, but rare and not actually listed under region filters. If the in-game PING gauge is legitimate and I'm actually receiving 30-80 PING in-game then it appears that there is progress for the development of Oceanic servers.


    (click image to enlarge)
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