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Thread: What song is this?

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    What song is this?

    Paranoia will destroya~

    Imagine if everythnig that ever happened it your life was a lie,
    Would you roll over and die?
    Have you ever heard of the theatre of the Absurd?
    What if nothing in life ever occured?
    Then where would you be
    think very thouroughly.
    What if everywhere you went you were never late nor early?
    No dress code
    Yer never young or old
    would you worship a pot of gold
    if you were to never be hot or cold
    dissapear into the soil
    like so much used motor oil
    Would you be STRONG and recoil
    and live forever like just like alluminum foil
    assuming you don't boil
    now your life is styrofoam
    yer coaught up in the spiral form
    These are the things that i think about when i brainstorm and never conform

    Crossing elements of ignorance with intelligence
    hence forth the wicked cannot distort the truth any longer
    many years i fell victim to phallacies
    chasing pipe dreams and fantasies
    causing a wanted anomosity
    towards industrials pimps that lie to the masses
    saying how simple that they had it
    I never envisioned a dark side of this
    but what got in their heads
    ya'll know the biz is my witness
    take off those rose colored lenses
    and ask yourself where an artists creative control is in the hands of an A & R and exec table
    bull if you think your paid in record sales
    the monhey fronted pales in comparrison to studio engineer costs
    if you thought it would pay yer rent where thats where you lost.
    promotional booking and touring is where your cash is
    and from this how; much is your manager getting again?
    So I ask you all is it really worth it?
    Is falling to corporative descisions all your purpose?
    please avoid the sidewinding serpent
    investigate teh underground knowledge before you surface
    hold your own
    your music is your element
    take control of your situations
    put down your records

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