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Thief pc box version

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    Thief pc box version

    I´m from Czech republic and I bought the Thief pc game box version one day ago. I would like to play this game in french language (audio, download language from steam). But I don´t know if it is possible, because I don´t know what version the game is. I send photos of box.

    Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

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    Looks like the genuine European version to me.
    The language can not be be configured in the game itself, only the subtitles.
    The real language (including Audio and Texts) must be configured in the Steam Client !
    (No download required)
    Open the Steam Client, right-click on 'Thief' in the Library, select 'Properties' and then you can choose French in the Language tab,

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    I thought that it depends on key. I heard about region_lock key and multilanguage key. But I don´t understand all of this.

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    In case there is any region key, it might be a hurdle for asia, america, etc.
    Or maybe you run across such issues if you bought the download version? Don't know.
    But the european version supports several languages which all can be found on DVD already.
    Personally I have the german DVD version, but playing on english was not a problem at all.
    French and Tschech are supported by that version as well, so I do not see that there might be an issue.

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    Oh yes, so this box version of Thief, that I bought is European version ? Maybe I´m stupid, but I don´t recognize from the back side of box, if it is EU version.

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    You were right. Thanks a lot.