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Thread: How Does Pierre Get Ahead Of Lara?

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    How Does Pierre Get Ahead Of Lara?

    You know when Lara meets Pierre and he heads off to get the second piece of the Scion? He some how goes past the areas of St. Francis Folley, without doing the puzzles and makes it to the next area without the door being opened and he makes it through the lower Folley where all the trapped rooms of the Gods are, having not retrieved the keys to open the doors to the Colloseum. When Lara gets there you hear Pierre at the top of the Colloseum heading towards the next area.

    I know it's just a game and we shouldn't be thinking about it this much, but in order for Pierre to advance he would have had to solve the puzzles.
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    I always thought he followed her through the door in the folly after she opened it and then got ahead in the Coliseum level.

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    He teleports through pillars.
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    The fact the animals are still on the narrow corridor up to the colliseum suggests he enters there by a different route. I think he follows Lara through the open door where the four keys are needed but climbs up somewhere Lara can't get to bring him in on a different approach route.

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    I never got that. Maybe he waits for Lara and then sneaks through open doors.

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