Thread: PC Overheating - Restart

PC Overheating - Restart

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    PC Overheating - Restart

    So i bought Thief the other day. Can play about 15-20 mins of the game. But then all of a sudden my computer decides to just totally restart itself. No warning, no error, no BSOD. Just turns off and then takes ages to turn back on again.

    I have a feeling its the graphics card overheating, but I have a GeForce 690GTX and thought that it would be able to handle this game at full settings.

    If there is anything that I can try apart from lowering the graphics please let me know. And also, please let me know the best graphics settings that I can choose without the computer deciding to turn off.


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    Overheating GPUs can have multiple causes and should be investigated.

    • Make sure that you have the latest driver for your card.
    • Check whether you don't have a build up of dust in your fans and computer casing. If it has been a while or if you have never cleaned out your computer (or let a technician do it for you) then it might be time to do so.
    • Check whether your system automatically restarts upon a Blue Screen without giving you time to note the error code. You might be getting a blue screen without actually seeing it because of automatic shutdown settings. This sounds likely since you mention 'automatic restart'.
    • If your system has been overclocked, try reverting to factory default settings and see that solves the issue.
    • Download a fan speed and system temperature analyzer to be able to see if your system actually overheats or if anything strange is going on.
    • Make sure your antivirus software is up to date and run a full system scan.

    Setting the game at the lowest graphics settings will reduce the load on your graphics card. If the 'very low' setting keeps your system stable you could try going up in graphical detail levels. Please keep in mind that because your issue could originate from different causes including hardware problems you might be masking the problem instead of solving it. Make sure to investigate properly.

    If you tried the above without success and you have a crash dump of the game in your documents/thief folder, you can send it in and I will forward it to the devs. I am not sure if they could find something that might cause your sudden restarts, but that might be worth trying.

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    (PC NVIDIA 660 ti Overclocked) I too get crashes at random in two ways:

    1. Video driver detected a problem and shut down Thief. My solution for this one is to turn off SSAA, I have almost everything else set to max.

    2. Windows detected a problem, drops to desktop. No solution yet sadly.

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    Hello Hecateus,

    Please link us to your DxDiag, thief.log and crash dump files.

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    Hello Hecateus,

    Could you try to run the game with settings lowered?
    You also mention that you have an overclocked 660 Ti, did you manually overclock it or is it an OC version of the 660 Ti? If you manually overclocked it, could you try to reset it to factory settings?

    Let us know how that works out!

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    It came Factory Overclocked. I have tried setting everything to super low (which stinks) I am pretty sure that increasing the texture causes no problems. SSAA kills me fast. unsure about the other settings.

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    Good way to deal with the overheating, limit fps using the nvidia inspector.

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    downloaded the inspector. Running the Benchmark with almost max settings, no SSAA, and texture filtering is at 8xanisotropic. 32bit mode. At 720p, the temp goes at most to 57c; at 1080p the temp goes to 58c. Temp while playing stays below 55c.

    No idea why I still get random crashes. I seem to be barely stressing the GPU load. [edit] going to bed :P

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    1.3 patch seemed to help as long as I had SSAA off. also turned off SSRefl. Managed to get through prologue in 1080p for once. Crashed eventually in a Young Lady's Townhouse (forget her name). "Windows Detected a Problem" style.

    Have not adjusted down/up video card overclocking...researching and being careful before trying.