Thread: Deathtrap dungeon issues.

Deathtrap dungeon issues.

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    Deathtrap dungeon issues.

    I recently bought Deathtrap Dungeon on steam. It does not play the intro or outtro. I also have issues where each level plays music track 09 in a constant loop. It does not play any other music tracks. Every level using the wrong music file.

    Any solutions for this? I could of pirated this game and got an actual working version but I bought it instead and I get kicked in the ass for it.

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    Submit a report of your issue to customer support.

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire
    Submit a report of your issue to customer support.
    "We were able to locate the following support information which may be related to the answer you are looking for.

    Why is the installation process stopping at either 52% or 83%?

    Select "Next" if this does not answer your question."

    Not what I'm looking for.

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    They don't even have a patch for any of this or have useful information.