Thread: Infinite Loading Screen/Crash

Infinite Loading Screen/Crash

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    Infinite Loading Screen/Crash

    Hi guys, I am currently in the Tavern after you get word that Basso may be in trouble, when I try to leave the tavern and continue on my way, the game will come up with a load screen, it will get almost to the very end and then soon as that happens my mouse pointer for windows appears. Task manager is saying that the program is still running even though it is not responding. To me this is a game breaking bug as I am unable to reload a previous save or continue the story. I don't really want to start again, but if there are no other options what choice do I have?

    any information would be appreciated!

    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    This is pretty much the same issue I'm having, with the same kind of crash at the end of a loading screen, but it happens anytime I try to load any save.