Thread: Thief 4 Pickpocketing closes the game...

Thief 4 Pickpocketing closes the game...

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    Unhappy Thief 4 Pickpocketing closes the game...

    Preloaded Thief via Steam and now I can finally play it yay... Nope.
    I'm in the garden in the prologue where I seem to be supposed to follow Erin and stay silent and hidden while at it, about 5-10 minutes ingame (tops). There is a guard that I am supposed to pickpocket by holding the 'E'-Button, but as soon as I do that, the screen goes black and I get the message 'Thief.exe has stopped working'. This is more than a little disappointing right now since I was really looking forward to playing this game
    I'm using Win7 if that helps... Thanks in advance, if anybody might help that would be awesome.

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    Please provide the Dxdiag file as well as the thief.log & crash dump file (both are located in your documents/thief folder) in case of a crash so I can forward it to the devs.

    However, this particular issue has been related to not having the most recent driver for your videocard. Please download and install the latest driver first, restart your computer and try again. If that does not resolve your issue, please provide the information requested above.

    NVidia drivers can be found here:

    For AMD, please install Catalyst 13.4 Beta, or the latest official driver if you prefer. This can be found here:

    For Intel, please find the latest drivers here:

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    Same problem and I am on the latest nvidia drivers 334.89
    I can't upload files here so I hope this is okay

    Keep in mind I tweaked around with the configs to try and fix my stuttering.

    Nevermind updating drivers does in fact fix it, I was on the beta drivers.