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Thread: Tony Mirrcandani - The New Elder God Voice

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    Tony Mirrcandani - The New Elder God Voice

    Hi, i want to share this. Perhaps some of you know that Tony Jay, the voice actor for the Elder's God character has pass away several years ago. But the other day I was seeing Ender's Games with one Friend and i think I listen the voice of him. To my surprise was another Tony who did this. Tony Mirrcandani, is an actor from England. His voice is amazingly similar to Tony Jay. check out some of his work for comercial:

    I really hope to listen his voice, if Square decides to do the rigth thing with a new game of LoK or at least make a remake of Soul Reaver. See you.

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    Erm, well he's in the right vein and probably one of the closest to Tony's voice I've heard, but for me the strong Indian accent really puts me off this.
    Looking through the profile, he's not English, but Indian and it looks like the references to British/English are just that he literally can speak the English language: however the mashed dialect rings massive alarms for me and I really doubt he could pull off the RP (BBC English/Oxbridge) like he claims in the profile - though I have seen the same flawed claim many times before in Real Life.
    It's a shame because otherwise the voice is great, but if you want to professionally claim you can do English accents and dialects (and not have the English up in arms) then you really should make sure your native accent doesn't shine through and dominate it.
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