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Thread: игре не хватает

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    игре не хватает

    Здравствуйте, очень хотелось бы ,что бы в игре была реализована система покупки и прокачки оружия как это было в hitman blood maney.
    Так же было очень полезным иметь маскировку в которой вас не узнают пока вы не совершите правомерных нарушений. В hitman absolution это было реализовано хуже чем в blood maney.
    В игру стоило бы добавить убежище где игрок мог бы посмотреть свою экипировку , произвести модернизацию оружия, очень было бы неплохо если бы была комната для тренировок как это было в hitman contracts.
    Стоит добавить в игру шприцы с снотворным , ядом , можно даже с отравой которая бы заставляла человека быть буйным , что отвлекало бы других людей.
    Добавить радиоуправляемые мины которые были в blood maney, мины с усыпляющим газом для возможности быть незамеченным.
    Бронежилеты которые бы действительно приносили пользу.

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    Write in english please.
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    Agreed. Please try to write in English so that most people can understand.


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    Maybe this thread should be deleted or something. I dont see much of a discussion when the OP isnt writing in english.

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    He is saying he wants hitman 6 to be more like BM then absolution about disguise, mission briefing and weapon purchasing. He would like to have back the syringe with a new version of poison that makegomad the victim (like Assassins creed) so it will become a diversion, to have also back the remote mine with a new version "soporific"

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    bought the game on xbox 360 totally free, the game has already bought a good disguise and weapon it cost me 60 rubles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellgast View Post
    Hello, would like very much that would be in the game system was implemented and the purchase of arms pumping as it was in hitman blood maney.
    It was also very useful to have a disguise in which you never know until you make a legitimate violations. In hitman absolution this was done worse than blood maney.
    The game would be worth adding a refuge where the player could see their equipment , carry out the modernization of weapons , it would be very nice if there was room for training as it was in hitman contracts.
    It should be added to the game syringes with sleeping pills poison can even poison that causes a person to be violent , that would distract others.
    Add remote control mines that were in blood maney, mines with sleeping gas for the opportunity to be noticed.
    Body armor that would really benefited .
    Preach it brotha. I hope they make it more like BM than Absolution too.
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    bro id like it to be more like absolution it feels better that way original hitman was boring as hell i remember i was just walking around and no one gave a damn about me

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