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Thread: Level Ideas

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    Post Level Ideas

    This first post will be constantly updated with the most popular level ideas suggested by fans thus far.

    All level ideas posted here follow, with the levels that have been requested the most in bold:

    -Superbowl/big sporting event
    -High End Party/mansion
    -Train Station
    -Videogame developers (IOI HQ)
    -Financial market/NYSE
    -Cruise Ship
    -Dark/mature area (slaughterhouse, etc.)
    -Amusement Park
    -Music concert/entertainment show
    -Large convention/gathering of people
    -Meeting of world/influential leaders
    -White House/political building
    -Firestation/Hospital/Police Station
    -Office building/skyscraper
    -Space shuttle launch/Oil Rig
    -Seasonal party (Halloween/Christmas)
    -Beach resort
    -Movie set
    -Africa/Jungle level
    -North Korea
    -Times Square
    -Various large cities (especially Europe)
    -Famous landmarks (ones in Paris are frequently mentioned)

    The most requested level location is a prison. If you want more information from the original posters themselves, use the "Search This Thread" feature.

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    A prison level could be awesome if pulled of right.

    We need to have at least one map which is a good chunk of a city, wherein you have plenty of different buildings of varying heights you could go into.

    I also would like a level take place somewhere in Scandinavia. Sweden, Norway or Denmark. Considering IO are from Denmark, that would be a good fit.

    A hit taking place on a movie set have the capacity of being great. A lot of opportunities for accidents, costume disguises. Sabotaing a car before a stunt, changing bullets in prop guns. poisoning makeup or whatever. The opportunities almost feel endless. It would also give plenty of opportunities to see some good setpieces. Having actors being douchey, having sex with extras or whatnot.

    Other than this I would just like to see new places or scenarios not seen before.

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    For the endgame level, I think a kind of 'boss fight' would work well. Just you and your target with a few hostiles and civilians between you. The last bit of Operation Sledgehammer in Absolution would've been great if the area was a bit more open. A church in the desolate countryside; your target has taken refuge in it and is holding a hostage or two, while also disguised as one of his own bodyguards and is instructing the others via radio. Rescuing the hostages would be strictly optional since we all know 47 isn't a hero, but it could allow you access to a new disguise (priest?). You could also rig a stained glass ceiling to collapse on your target, or blow up the altar. Stealth could be encouraged as all the possible targets wear body armour and have slightly better weapons than you.

    I believe someone also mentioned a Superbowl level, which would be cool.

    A hit taking place on a movie set have the capacity of being great. A lot of opportunities for accidents, costume disguises. Sabotaing a car before a stunt, changing bullets in prop guns. poisoning makeup or whatever. The opportunities almost feel endless. It would also give plenty of opportunities to see some good setpieces. Having actors being douchey, having sex with extras or whatnot.
    This is another great idea, literally begging to be made into a level. It would be even cooler if the movie was about one of 47's hits. He could take out the actor playing him and replace him (47 disguising himself as someone disguised as him, lol), and take part in the shooting of the movie. Although I personally feel that would be too flashy and not at all 47's style.

    Prison is an amazing idea too. Skurky's Law was too linear to like (except the courtroom, which was done pretty well), but the new game could make it work well if it did it openly. Here's how I'd do it if given the chance: 47 has to eliminate a prisoner and kill a warden, as well as help another prisoner escape (possibly Agent Smith, for a nice throwback to the old games). You could take on several disguises and kill the warden by inciting a prison riot to distract the guards and then sneak into his office and kill him.

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    Another endgame level that would be cool would be if you had assassins after you which you had to take out. You could use yourself as bait, luring them into following you to a place where you then set of an accident to kill them.

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    I would appreciate a mission that deals with the financial industry.

    Topic: New York/London Stock Exchange. One investment manager destroyed several lives because of his illegal money transactions. Some client, who was betrayed, uses his last money for revenge and to take him out.

    Targets: Two. A top manager of a huge investment bank (maybe with some hints to a real American one) and one of his accomplices.

    Location: Company Headquarter, two skyscrapers with a walkable connection on the middle floor. Several floors, including
    - basement car park
    - lobby
    - middle floor
    - the three highest floors of Tower 1
    - the too highest floors of Tower 2
    - roof terrace of Tower 1 and 2.

    You start in front of the entrance of the lobby and need to get access to the upper floors first. There is a security checkpoint aswell, so you have to find a way to smuggle your silverballers.

    Twist: He's a bit paranoid and has several bodyguards. Furthermore, the FBI department for financial criminalism makes a search on the upper floors and is looking for some evidence.

    How to get access to the upper floors:
    - Get an ID of one of the employees in the lobby. No disguise needed, because they all wear suits.
    - Get a FBI costume
    - Get a cleaner costume. They have their office in the basement. Use the material lift with a special ID-Card.
    - Hide in an empty container for document waste. He will be transported upstairs by an employee in the material lift.
    - Get the costume of a delivery boy. Because of the FBI investigation he has to wait to get access...and a very weak bladder. Good way to get access to his package, too!

    Possible ways to take the manager out:
    1) Get access to the serverroom. Send an email from his secretarys account for a litte "rendevous" on the rooftop. While he's waiting for her, he smokes a cigarette at the edge of the roof. You have just to push him. Smuggle a suicide note on his desk and delete the email to get extra points.

    2) Find a evidence and take your choice
    - Play it into the FBIs hands. They will arrest and isolate him from his bodygaurds and bring him into a small room for more interrogation. While the Agent is getting some coffee, you, disguised as a FBI-Agent, could make it easy and quick.
    - Smuggle it on his desk while he's telephoning (and enjoying the view out of his office). He finds it seconds later and panics. He storms out of his office and runs to the lift. Use your piano string there to take him out classicly. Or wait until he arrives at his expensive sportscar in the basement car park. Time for little bombing.

    3) Some delivery boy in the lobby has a package with cuban cigars in it. A present of one of our managers friend. Get the package, poison the cigars. Profit.

    For the other guy: (He has his office in the other tower):

    1) He has his periodical break on the rooftop the second tower, but has more fear of hights than the manager (no easy pushing!). On the other hand, you have a perfect view in his office from the rooftop of the first tower. Both ways offer good conditions for a sniper, don't they?

    2) He has a heart disease. Exchange his heart medicaments and manipulate the heating in his office. When he's having his break the chilly wind on the rooftop will do the rest.

    3) A high amount of caffein could kill him, too! Replace his decaffeinated cup with a much stronger one, which you will find in the employee kitchen in the other tower. You will have to manipulate his medicine as well.

    4) Smuggle a weapon in his briefcase. Then send him an e-mail from the managers office for a meeting. When he wants to walk to the other tower, some FBI-Agents will stop him an do some examination. When they find the weapon, the situation gets out of hands and the agents shoot him.

    Leave the location as you entered it. Make sure to save videotapes of surveillance cameras wich are located in the lobby and elevators. The security office is located in the lobby behind the safety checkpoint.

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    Thought I’d share some of the ideas I had of the prison.

    Well the entering of the prison should be difficult. Taking a guards disguise should be harder than taking a visitors, like a lawyer or something. Maybe a bus arriving with new inmates would also be a nice way to get in.

    One of the targets could be a Hannibal Lector sort of guy. I’d love to poison his Chianti. Or even better, letting this same guy loose on your target.

    I’d like to see some sort of accident where the warden would end up in an electric chair. (Like in Lock up, with Stallone)

    Maybe you could lock a target up in a big freezer in the kitchen?

    Sabotaging the escape plan of one of your targets would also be nice, like cutting his rope, or blowing up his escape tunnel. Of course, you could use the tunnel to escape yourself.

    Starting a prison riot would be fun as well.

    Finally, you could sabotage the exercise equipment in the courtyard.

    Another idea I had was a museum:
    Possible weaponry would be endless, katanas, cannons, swords, duelling pistols, muskets, revolvers, you name it. The same with disguises, like a samurai, medieval knight, WW2 pilot, cowboy, indian etc.

    The target ending up in same sort of medieval torture device or a guillotine would be sick!

    Some sort of statue falling on him, or a dinosaur skeleton.

    I really like the ideas you guys have, I hope some are actually going to be used.

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    Stock exchange mission sounds great and really well thought out. The museum sounds fun in theory, but think about it, there's no practical use for all those disguises. We had samurai in Blackwater Park and it was no fun at all. No one's going to look at a bald guy dressed up like a cowboy and think, "Well, that certainly doesn't look out of place."

    Prison, though, is starting to sound more and more fun.

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    The disguises in a museum could work if you could dress up and pretend to be a mannequin or statue. For some reason I get the vision of a christmas scene with the baby Jesus and Maria and Josef, the whole deal. Then 47 putting on Josefs garbs and putting the mannequin away and that way hide in plain sight. Something like that could work.

    Having a hit in a zoo could also be cool.

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    Reposting here.

    I just had an awesome idea for a hitman level, and dunno how to let you guys know so.. posting here.


    Right? 120k people, guards, halftime show, 2 football teams, coaching staff, vendors, electricians, plumbers, announcers, penthouse suites, ultra rich rooms, pre game, reporters... it would be epic

    Plenty of back areas to sneak around in, light rigging, halftime stuff set up, locker rooms, vender only areas, guard rooms, VIP sections

    and cameras EVERYWHERE.

    Remember the game where the lights shut down for almost an hour, and they had to stop everything while they furiously looked for the problem? That could have been a Hitman!!!!

    and you gotta kill 1 person. And you start in the parking lot, without a ticket.

    How to get in?
    How to get in with the weapon you want?
    actual scripted game, 4 full quaters.. halftime show.. cheerleaders... post game celebration...

    It would be the most epic level of any hitman ever. You guys would be LEGENDARY game makers, other games would be compared to Hitmans Superbowl for ALL TIME.

    Contracts mode for this level would be nigh infinite... kill a particular player, AFTER he scores a touchdown...
    kill a mob boss/team owner/company CEO/playboy in a box seat up top.
    kill national anthem singer
    kill a particular coach
    kill the guitar player for the band at halftime
    silently kill the NFL commisioner
    kill the head of security, a sick pervert that is into ... who knows what...
    kill investigative reporter trying to uncover team doping...

    what do you think? Players, are you salivating thinking about this level? As soon as I thought of it I was....

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have a superbowl level???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buscar88 View Post
    I would appreciate a mission that deals with the financial industry.

    Topic: New York/London Stock Exchange.

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    I would like to see more dark and rainy levels like we did in HM Contracts.

    Especially these three. Beldingford Manor, Rendezvous in Rotterdam, and Traditions of the Trade had a nice gothic feel about them.

    Traditions of the Trade even had a real ghost in it. I really liked that.
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    I've always liked the contrast in places 47 spends his time in. Where one day he's at a highend party with the elite and the other with the dregs of society. So I agree, I most definitely think there should be some real dark levels in the game. Lets go more depraved than the Meat King even.

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    Id like a suburb style map, with regular houses something I can relate too. Also like a supermarket, I think its more fun when the areas are things that are common with this fun twist of performing a hit, like in a diner or restaurant.

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    it would be cool if he went back to Romania

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    i want to see a circus hit

    think of all the cool and interesting things you could have lying around

    and possible hits

    lions, tigers, elephants, whips, chains, clown cars, dirt bikes, "magic potions", electricity, rings of fire, high flying acts, the list goes on

    id also like to see an amusement park hit... i know we had one in bloodmoney but like a live theme park.. not an abandoned one - maybe something like the scenario in "beverly hills cop" aheeehhehehe (eddie murphy laugh)

    how about a rock concert hit - with backstage vip, you could disguise as a VIP (with a backstage pass), as a rodey, as a opening act, as a bodyguard, or take the hit from the stands, you could also have numerous hits - a manager, a band member, a ticket holder/s (seat 605-609), a vip guest - the setting would be awesome and could be quite entertaining to just walk around and have some fun same as the circus

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    how about a movie set

    the hit could be a wealthy executive/producer or a "known religious leader" wink wink who does his own stuntsssss.... who has been accused of being a homooooo... whooooo does a lot of actiioonn moovvviessssss ... TOM CRUISE... PLEASE GOD PUT A HIT ON TOM CRUISE

    there could be multiple takes ... kinda like the mission from 'BM' i forget the name.. i think it was called 'curtains' - the play with the brothers in the theater

    there could also be a hit on a geological dig/construction site/oil rig or fracking site

    maybe the hit is put on by a nature preserve organization - out of character for them but understandable

    the 'fracking' boss man has been abusing and damaging the environment and plans to expand

    the chinaman with plans to use a rare earth for evil purposes

    a wind turbine company is tired of the 'oil man' striking black gold and rumors that one particular company is about to hit it big in the desert must be stifled before it begins

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    Amusement park and film set are awsome ideas. Remember the Opera mission in Blood Money? Damn, that would be so much fun to have a tuned version of it.

    Think of all the possibilities to take out your target.

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    airport is a 100% must make mission but i would also like a mission in air, like you have to kill someone in plane (747?), fbi headquartes, prison, simmilar town from movie the adventures of tin tin, like close to beach desert town, dubai...
    Or rehabilition center like in Blood money that mission was amazing!
    Remeber ideas for maps and ways to kill are limitless!

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    in the amusement park you could also have like little mini games - like the games you pay 5-20$ for...

    shooting balloons with darts, using bb-guns to shoot stars out, and the strong man game (with the sledgehammer and the bell...idk what its called)

    obviously you would win a prize... maybe you could win a prize that would give you a certain 'assassin's tool' or maybe its just a sweet stuffed animal heh

    im sure we could have some fun with remote mines in an environment like this - i guess it could be a good mix of the mardi gras level in BM, the intro level in BM, and the shooting range level in absolution, put it on steroids and throw in a bunch of improvements - bam!

    killing targets would be interesting and could get super creative...

    maybe you could find a nice snipe spot while a certain target is about to hop on a ride... you have already rigged the ride to malfunction and stop at a certain point on the ride... the target is quite vulnerable to snipers

    orrrr you could disguise as a ride operator... before the target is sent off on his ride you can 'check his seatbelt' and rig it to unlock ( please make it so that we can rig any seatbelt... so that we can have a little fun after we complete missions

    usually before a ride takes off in real life the operators will come by and check to make sure the 'seatbelts' or harnesses are secured

    you could also poison some cotton candy or a 'salted pretzel' or dip'n'dots ice cream (sponnsooorrr!!)

    there are also a lot of stunt shows at theme parks... one could 'malfunction' either using the target as a 'volunteer' or not!

    bumber cars could turn into a shockkiiing ride

    or if you find a high vantage point you could try and take a lucky shot from anywhere, like possibly at the peak of a ride... would be pretty funny if you could just shoot a guy off a ride at a high height to watch him fall

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    a halloween mission would be cool...

    you could have a haunted hay ride, a haunted house, annddd a haunted maze

    wouldn't be hard to blend a dead body into a 'decoration'

    (you could also make 'decorations' out of the many 'hits' along the way instead of dumping them all) the other patrons would be none the wiser as they would think that the dead bodies were part of the 'haunted house/maze/hay ride'

    the disguises would be fun and easy but maybe you run into bodyguards through the maze as well as a challenge of not being caught in the act

    the main hit would be at the end obviously well protected

    you could use bit's from the nun level in absolution where you can disguise as a scarecrow - obviously you would add a lot to it... please add a lot to it, sandbox styylle

    orrrr it could just be halloween in a neighborhood or in a city and your hit is at home giving out candy... after the hit you could put out a bowl so all the kids could 'take one' ... i loved those 'take one' bowls

    or you could make it a halloween party ... and make it kinda like the 'heaven and hell' mission from BM

    with guards and elevators

    or the 'santa' mission from BM with vip's and hot tubs and balcony's

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    how about a surfing competition in Hawaii...

    paradise environment... mini bar's hot chicks and beefcakes...

    you could take out a surfer with a snipe...

    or spray a board with a shark 'attractor' ... opposite of repellant

    poison a water bottle

    run over with a boat

    make a trip to their hotel room... which is conveniently located right on the shore... boom goes the remote mine

    place a mine on the jet-ski that takes the surfers out to the waves, +1 casualty.. oops

    poison a different target at the bar

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    A mission set in a high class party in a large building would work very nicely I think. You have access to the rooftop party, the kitchen, the basement, the lobby (where you start off), and a spa. Lots of accidents waiting to happen - drop a chandelier on target's head, push them off the roof, poison the champagne so they die mid-toast, poison food, plant a bomb in their car ... It would be amazing if the party itself was fully scripted. For example:
    - Setting: an engagement party. 47 has to kill the best man and a rich hotelier who's attending the party, recover from the hotel safe a document naming the true heir to the hotelier's property, and plant a forged document on the hotelier's body.
    - As the mission begins, security's a bit lax.
    - A few seconds later, the hotelier arrives. He'll be surrounded by paparazzi and his bodyguards will be busy so you can plant a car bomb in his car if you wish. You can also get up close wearing a paparazzo disguise and sneak the forgery onto him.
    - Hotelier goes to his heavily guarded private room. You can climb onto the balcony from a rooftop maintenance room, maybe? At this time the best man could be easy picking, maybe in the bathroom.
    - A little later, he emerges and heads upstairs.
    - Rooftop is public so it's a bit difficult to do anything. However, the best man is downstairs and you can drop the chandelier on him.
    - The best man makes his speech. If champagne is poisoned, he could die mid-toast.
    - Post speech, everyone mills around a bit. A good time to sneak down and break into the safe, or plant the forged document.
    - Shortly after, hotelier leaves. If you put the car bomb in, he'll die now.
    - End of scripted party.

    I also think that, if needed, we could have an 'in transit' set piece level to satisfy anyone who likes going full on shooty, or to serve as a sneaky challenge. On a moving train would be best. You'd have to sneak through the train while enemies, aware of your presence, hunt for you. An unexpected surprise could be to have a sniper on top of the train as a secret objective. Sneaky players would find it fun to climb on top of the train and kill the sniper, while those who simply run-n-gun through the mission wouldn't find the sniper and thus don't have the bonus objective of killing him. This would satisfy three urges at once: it would be slightly linear (somewhat less so if you wanted to climb out of the train or something), it would be an awesome setpiece, and it would give the devs a chance to combine a good old-fashioned stealth assassination with a modern run-n-gun playthrough.

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    all good ideas, but I want to see all new scenarios. We already had high end parties in You better watch out and Heaven and Hell. We also had a wedding level in Till Death do us part. I want new scenarios and places not seen in former Hitman games.

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    Noted, I also edited my post to include another idea.

    I think a lot of Absolution missions could potentially have been great ... but I think that warrants a thread of its own. Instead, I'll put forth this suggestion: GO ABROAD.

    Think unnamed Third World country in the midst of civil war. An arms dealer has been dealing to both sides, and the client wants him taken out. Once that's done, enter the base of one of the sides and plant a bomb, then leave. It would be amazing to introduce a story twist in the level. The client tells 47 the bomb is primed to go off in thirty minutes. 47 sets the bomb and then finds out it's about to go off in one minute instead. You have one minute only to get the hell out of the place - without beeing detected if that's how you like to play - and find safety. While this is happening, Diana follows the money trail and tells 47 his new target is on site in another building. 47 gets to enter the building and kill the double-crossing client, while rerouting his financials as well for a nice bonus.

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    I agree, I want as many different countries and places as possible in Hitman. Absolution really bummed me out when you spent the most of the time in the US, It's more fun globetrotting around the world killing.

    When it comes to the train idea, I really think Hitman should focus on sandbox levels. People who want to play linear and not explore can always do that, they simply need to just follow the mission without any detour and they get what they want. But I think Hitman does the best in sandbox levels with plenty of ways to take out your target. A hit on a trainstation would be better I think, maybe if you wait to long the target goes on the train and you can take him out there as a last resort. Or if you think that's the best place to do it. The civilwar could be great, especially if they bring back loadout before levels, which I see as a must.

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