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    point of view

    I know that the development may be too far in for this idea, but a first person view may be something to take into consideration. It would makes the game feel a lot more realistic with a higher feeling that you are the character. however i can totally see how many Hitman gamers enjoy the feel of the third person view and feel that first person would destroy the gameplay. Just having the option may seem like a nice touch (one might even be able to switch between views.)
    What do you guys think about the topic?

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    Its funny luke, all the old games had the option to use both!

    I'd love to see first person make a come back though

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    I, personally, have no use for 1st person mode but I think it should be optional at least as long as it doesn't sacrifice gameplay. I actually prefer 3rd person, it just feels more like a movie; I don't know, I feel kinda naked playing in first person, it hinders your vision to the sides. I found the 1st person useful in Contracts and Silent Assassin because aiming was a little hard and 1st person zoomed in. But if Absolution was any indication, aiming won't be such a problem anymore. I just think that 1st person leaves you naked a bit because it's hard to turn. But, idk, everyone's different.

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    and that's why thief is so hard, because you have limited vision, I am glad they get rid of 3rd person camera in the new thief game it felt almost like cheats in Thief 3...

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    Please bring back this staple feature from the older games!
    It was very handy at times to use first person for long range kills and a better view of areas.

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