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Thread: Re: An open letter to all Hitman fans

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    Re: An open letter to all Hitman fans

    I just finished reading this letter, and I want to share my thoughts with you.

    First of all, sorry for any mistakes in text, my English is not perfect I also have to mention that I haven't finished Hitman: Absolution yet, I'm at Blackwater Park mission.

    So, like I said I just finished reading this "open letter to all Hitman fans" and I'm glad to see that IO Interactive know that the last episode of Hitman isn't too good (in fact, comparing to Blood Money, it's a crap for me). Before its premiere I read couple reviews and I anticipated a brilliant game, but after 3 or 4 missions I would give it 6/10 maximum and my opinion hasn't changed till now. Unfortunately IO Interactive destroyed in H:A things that I most liked in earlier games.

    So now, a couple of mine thoughts...
    1. Thank God, IO is planning to make missions in Blood Money style.
    2. Thank God too, that Diana is alive again
    3. Thank God for other ideas mentioned in open letter, like sandbox missions and removing "magic pockets".
    4. It's good idea with instinct for newbies and purist mode for professionals.
    and ideas...
    5. I would like to see after finishing mission explanation why I get that specific rank, because sometimes I got Shadow and I have completely no idea why. I didn't kill anybody nor subdue and I was not Silent Assasin.
    6. It would also be nice to know exact requirements for Silent Assasin, for reasons I wrote above.
    7. I hate "stalking" missions, when 47 is wanted right at the start of mission, it's probably the most annoying thing for me.
    8. In Absolution very ofter there are couple of ways to complete the mission, but after trying that mission few times it's pretty obvious for player that there's only one way to complete mission with Silent Assassin rank. In Blodd Money there were much more accidents to cause.
    9. Achievments sometimes are almost impossible to complete, for example Suit Only on Purist level in some missions.
    10. I miss Jesper Kyd. I love Blood Money soundtrack and even now I remember couple of songs from it. Unfortunately I cannot remember even 1 song from Absolution.

    I think that's all for now. I probably forgot couple of things, but maybe I'll post them later ;]

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    I am a total gaming noob. I purchased an xbox 360 because I am so nuts about the movie Hitmsn; I also purchased all the games. However, does me xero good without the manuals, and Square Enix "support" has been NO SUPPORT.
    Any help is appreciated!

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