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Thread: I got Xibalba*Key earlier in game, can't use

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    Unhappy I got Xibalba*Key earlier in game, can't use

    When trying to end Mexican area level, Laura says to use the key I got from the chefton. I got the jaguire/key from skeleton where my motorbike could not go any farther. I have been everywhere. How do I use this key that I got earlier in the switch that will refuse to go down? I want a refund if I have to start the level again.

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    No you don't need a refund. Place the jaguar head on the right side of the lever. When you do this, you'll be able to move the switch. And just one thing... The name of the female character in the game is Lara

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    if you are talking about getting out from xibalba, when you go down the stairs on your bike there is rock blocking the path and you must get off the bike, but before you jump through the rock you should pick up a stone head on the floor, which you can put on the body and pull the switch the re open the doors
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    It's a bug.

    I picked it up by chieftain along time ago. I checked again and it is not there. It is not in my backpack either. I walk by the exit of the level and try to put it on the statue and "Lara" just pulls the lever. I know I picked it up at that blocked hallway by chieftain and I can not use it. Is this a bug or did it magically fall out of my backpack? I want a refund if this can't be resolved without restarting the level.

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    Thumbs Down Anyone?


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    So you have picked up two Jaguar Heads in this level. One in the ruins at the very beginning of the level and one in the dark underground corridor leading towards the Thor Belt. You have already used the first one on one of the Mayan Calendars and the second one is to be used on the mechanism to leave Xibalba and end the level. So that one should be in your inventory/backpack, if you have picked it up of course.

    If it's not there, the game is bugged and you will have to restart from a point before you picked it up or when it was still in your inventory.
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    Thumbs Down Why don't they patch the game?

    This company should fix it's product. How do you report bugs? The level takes to long to replay. I will look into getting a refund and avoid buying games from this company.

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    so is the really no fix for this glitch and have to start the the entire level all over again?

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