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Thread: help with strakhov fortress...

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    help with strakhov fortress...

    I can't make the jump to either the crate or the air conditioning unit...what do I do???
    And strahov, not strakhov

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    From Stella's Tomb Raider Walkthrough at
    if you need further help, check here, these are great walkthroughs, telling you how to complete tricky jumps or traps

    STORAGE AREA WITH CRATES & BARRELS: The remnants of a circular wall surround an open area with some barrels and other debris. Four wide passages radiate out from this hub. To the left is an electrified door. Don't touch it or Lara will die. However, approaching this door triggers a notebook update: Gain access to the biodome. Straight ahead and around the next corner is a corridor lined with lasers, mines and a deadly electric force field. Avoid this area for now, but make a mental note of the 2 stacked crates at the start of this passage. Lara isn't strong enough to move them yet, but she soon will be.

    The passage to the right contains more crates, several of which are moveable. Just beyond these is a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire holding back a pair of snarling rottweilers. Shoot the dogs through the fence so you don't have to worry about them later on.

    NOTE: I experienced a bug here where one of the rottweilers somehow got through the fence. This only happened once but I figured I'd give a heads-up.

    When you approach the chain-link fence Lara spots a pipe she can use to climb over, but she can't quite manage this yet due to the scalding steam leaking from another pipe above. In order to proceed, you'll need to shut off that steam, and in order to do that, you'll need a strength upgrade. Getting it involves moving the crates.

    THE OBLIGATORY MOVABLE CRATE PUZZLE: This sequence is shown in a series of screenshots. Climb over the crates nearest the door in the fence. With Lara standing on the crate in the corner between the fence and the wall, turn so the fence is on Lara's left. Pull the crate in front of her toward the wall. Pull several times to move it as far as it will go. You won't be able to pull it all the way with Lara standing there, but you will then be able to climb over it and push it from the other side toward the wall.

    Climb onto the crate you just moved and turn to face the topmost crate in the stack. (Do not climb onto the topmost crate or jump straight upward while standing here. If you do, Lara will suffer fatal steam burns.) Pull the topmost crate toward the fence as far as it will go. Again, you won't be able to move it all the way with Lara standing there. Pull it several times to gradually inch it toward the fence.

    Climb down to the floor and go around to the other side of the stack. Climb onto the two crates next to the stack of three. Then sidestep to the left onto the narrow ledge formed after moving the topmost crate. If you have trouble with that, try turning so Lara's back is toward the fence and then sidestep to the right. Or, use stealth mode, which seems to work well. Push the topmost crate toward the fence to get an upper-body strength upgrade. Drop down to the floor.

    NOTE: Earlier versions of this walkthrough included a more complicated solution to the crate puzzle. In case the method described above doesn't work for you, you're welcome to try the original version, described on a separate page.

    Return to the open area from which the four hallways radiate. Turn right to spot the 2 stacked crates mentioned earlier. Now that Lara has gotten the upgrade, she can push the crates across the passage and beneath the ventilation unit (as shown in this screenshot). Use the stacked crates to climb up onto the ventilation unit. Turn the valve to shut off the steam. Drop down and then climb to the top of the big stack of crates. Now Lara can jump up and grab the horizontal pipe. Press Duck to tuck her legs up and traverse forward over the barbed wire fence. Drop down on the other side. If you didn't shoot the dogs through the fence earlier, you'll need to take care of them now.

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