Thread: An Indie Studio Can Pick Up and Develop K&L3

An Indie Studio Can Pick Up and Develop K&L3

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    Thumbs Down An Indie Studio Can Pick Up and Develop K&L3

    Hi everyone. As most of you know K&L3 was cancelled about 6 months ago.

    Today i came across an article saying that Square Enix decided to let indies develop a game by using their inactive IP's.
    If i understood the article wrong, please correct me but i think i understand it correctly.

    I am a game developer myself and i always dreamed of developing the perfect Kane & Lynch game.. K&L deserves a decent third and final game:/

    IF Square Enix is really this desperate, they should just try to fund a certain pertentage of the development of K&L3. I think it can easily go above $500k if advertised correctly.

    Final note: For example i myself developed this indie game with a budget of $500.

    My point being: A decent K&L game can be developed with a small budget, considering the fact IO Interactive already has a next-gen engine on their hand and with Hitman:Absolution they have a solid shooting gameplay up and ready.
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    Just hired Jens Peter Kurup to write storyline then it's fine for me .
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    Seems a bit contradictory in shoving down a franchise that precisely always demanded for more budget/time/polish to the drain of digitial-only indie title.

    Unfortunately this also confirms that IO Interactive has no interest in the Kane & Lynch franchise anymore.
    Even though they didn't say it out loud, it's been one "hypothetical" suggestions too many I suppose.

    Also good luck on the whole part about needing the approvals of both the community and the IP holders; considering how Dog Days and Dead Men are lacking in similarities in both gameplay and narrative department, it's difficult to pinpoint what is and what is not eligible to be a Kane & Lynch title when the developers themselves played around with it in the first place.

    Probably the reason why so many users in this forum have ended up being reluctant in proposing their own ideas.

    Originally Posted by Vulture
    A decent K&L game can be developed with a small budget, considering the fact IO Interactive already has a next-gen engine on their hand and with Hitman:Absolution they have a solid shooting gameplay up and ready.
    Sorry, but are you suggesting that IO 'lends' the Glacier 2 engine to other developers? or asking that IO themselves go back on working with Kane & Lynch now that they might just have the engine needed for it?

    Originally Posted by jam13
    Just hired Jens Peter Kurup to write storyline then it's fine for me .
    His ideal vision of a game's narrative format seems rather like the big opposite of what Kane & Lynch turned out to be, isn't it?

    Unless all the fans wholly identified with the protagonists and sensed the natural flow in the plot progression.

    His views on averting the usual trope of story and gameplay and segregation however is admirable, and reminds me part of the reasons I liked Dead Men so much to begin with; one of those rare games where the method of play matches the narrative tone.

    Dog Days was different, it went intentionally cynic and empty for the sake of demonstrating cynicism and emptiness.

    Interestingly it turned out to be a popular mantra in some recent games, notably Hotline Miami and Spec Ops The Line last year, and both received praises precisely on this matter.

    So was Dog Days released too soon with an audience too unwilling at the time to acknowledge its point?

    I don't know, in any case, Dog Days proved its point on how utterly flexible and limitless the guidance for a Kane & Lynch game could be, but to the point where it feels uncontrollable: some unhinged fan could cook up a five hundred page wall of text on what the next Kane & Lynch should be, and it wouldn't be any less admirable than another fan who only posts a five-line guiding script, or even the next 'official' game the developers worked on, because this franchise can go anywhere at this point, and who is to say "that is" or "that is not" faithful to the franchise?

    Had they not decided to ditch the franchise, that is.
    But the point still stands.

    Kane & Lynch 3 could be a black and white platformer for all we know, and who's to say that it wouldn't be the right direction?

    I wouldn't like it that way, but that's kind of what they are doing with this 'auctioning' style project: First one who successfully programs a Kane & Lynch game on the PC, basically wins.

    Unless I misunderstood the concept of this project, which is possible, considering the vagueness it presents.
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    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    I'd be fairly supportive of a non-IO studio making K&L 3, as long as they can somehow rope in Brian Bloom and Jarion Monroe into the roles one more time.
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    I could see an indy studio picking up Kane & Lynch... but they'll never let the IP go.
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    Post pixel graphics

    It looks interesting . Maybe KL3 will look like this !

    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    That would be amazing, jam13.

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    Riiiiiight, this weirding me out: how come we're all labeled as spammers and each have a post count that shoots over nine thousand?

    Something to do with this forum migration business? don't know, I can't seem to log onto Square Enix's forum anyway ...

    Back on topic:
    Square Enix's company president has made a rather bizarre statement:

    Probably good news to most, but I find it bizarre because it only appears to be half the truth: sure pursuing the core fans is a more sound plan than spreading senselessly to the wide large market, but it doesn't change the fact that their current plans in 'pursuing the core fans' is still handled out in the same method they previously used when vying for mass crowd's opinion and interest.

    To me it's also ironic how he used Hitman and IO Interactive as an example; half of IO as we know it is gone, Jens Peter Kurup is gone, Jesper Kyd is still nowhere near in returning, and most importantly the studio's tenacity in producing multiple new IPs during the past decade is now replaced with the sole dedication of the Hitman brand!
    We never got to see that first person open world melee fighter project they had more or less started, for example, and now we sure as hell won't see any future Mini Ninjas.

    This new Hitman project with its "open letter to fans" thing still leaves me worrying if it'll be heading somewhere concrete, if at all.
    "Thought Absolution was flawed? we heard you! we just ditched all notions of improvement and innovations away to trade back the same decade old stuff to keep you consumers, err, fans, happy!"

    It does sound marvelous in a way, but such sudden acts of building bridges dedicated between developers and fans is just as volatile as when developers sought to gain all types of gamer's attention.
    Limiting yourself to your 'core' fans is just as detrimental in halting progress for innovation as it was to broaden your content for accessibility.

    After all, prime reasons for people to go insane over Absolution was the fact that it was too 'different' from the previous episodes. Now how is restoring the past games ethics going to divert the road further?

    In contrast, it's not the same situation as when some of us complained about Dog Days being too different from Dead Men, the point we were making was that Dog Days had no reason for being a strip-bare nihilistic shooter of Dead Men, which itself was already a nihilistic game beyond its time, but it had content and depth which its sequel lacked.

    Of course had I knew that if all we needed was to complain day and night, months before and months after the game's release for the hand of god to cut through the clouds and say "we hear you!" ... well ... !

    Originally Posted by jam13
    It looks interesting . Maybe KL3 will look like this !
    Originally Posted by UhUh
    That would be amazing, jam13.
    What? didn't knew there were turn based shooter fans here.
    Then again X-Com did had its sudden revival recently.

    Frankly though, when I proposed a 2D pixelated platformer/shooter, I wasn't serious.

    BUT, if it turns out to be the only and most efficient way in making a third person squad based shooter with item and team management to function ... well ...

    At least it'll instantly get rave reviews for its 'old school graphics', as recent trend shows.

    We sure as heck live in funny times, remember back when people maintained that a story in a game alone can't trump ineffective gameplay mechanics?
    Yeah, now where did they all went.
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    There's also a precedent K&L phone game that is a 2d platoformer, if my memory doesn't trick me.

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    What a bizarre phone-release game that is; I mean, you would expect that the largest Kane & Lynch fanbase would have at least been familiar with this entry, but no, all we ever saw were glimpses of footage, for all we know that phone-release entry had full fledged voice acting, meaningful choice and consequence mechanics, foreshadowing related to Dog Days, and other innovative unprecedented gameplay mechanics.

    Instead, all I ever knew of that entry was that the grenade launcher is an available weapon to use ... in the Mizuki Club level.
    At least it 'looked' like a grenade launcher, could have been a throwable glass bottle for all we know.

    There was also that top-down puzzle platformer Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light that had a Kane & Lynch character pack -for free yo ho- that included new animations and used Lynch and Kane's actual voices rather than creating that one-of-a-kind moment where Lara Croft's british accent shoots out from the mouth of hairy has-beens ... probably too cruel for the underage market.
    I almost bought that top down game too, I saw a gameplay footage where Lynch and Kane come across a healing fountain as part of the game's tutorials, and as the game pauses to describe the functionality of the game's healing system, Kane shouts "HOLY !" in the background.
    I don't know how intentional it was, but the timing was perfect; what other adequate response would a video game character make when he learns a manual healing system after getting so used to the regenerative ones?

    Well anywya ...
    As long as it doesn't fall to the likes of Hotline Miami; I always believed that Kane & Lynch benefitted more from the slower methodical pace as hinted at times in Dead Men than Dog Days' "feel the sweat on the palm of your hand" thing ... or at least cut down the number of shootouts and make the handful available ones a frantic experience, meanwhile keeping the gist of the game as an alternate method of interactivity, and one that doesn't necessarily involve the acts of killing, in spite of it being the protagonist's only 'know-how'.
    If not that the whole gaming industry's only know-how as well, but that's for another wall-of-text.

    If anything, fast paced confusions worked better for Fragile Alliance, if comparing Dog Days to Dead Men, but only just.
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    Thumbs Up

    The father of Kane & Lynch's website

    "I'm still quite fond of the two old guys, and I hope they are enjoying their retirement.
    But I wouldn't count on it."
    Seriously , JP's Dog Days looks more interesting gameplay wise !
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    Creative Director - IO
    - I also got my hands dirty shipping Hitman : Absolution where I
    : Restructured the entire story and more or less every cutscene to support a change of direction towads less liniearity and more hits.
    Hitman: Absolution
    Rework of story : In the final year and a half the project evolved massively and I was tasked to rework the story to remove several characters and locations and include many more targets in the main plot.

    Full pass on most cutscenes: The adjustments to the story required a full overhaul of most cutscenes and communication in the game. Content, scope and quality needed to be weighted on every shot to make the deadline. I am amazed of what the cutscene team was capable of in this situation.
    This is interesting news to me, considering I thought Absolution's cutscene delivery and antagonist expositions weren't as bad as people make it out to be. Now I kind of know why.

    Still kind of feels unfulfilling though.

    Game Director - IO
    2004 - Developed the Kane & Lynch universe and characters and did a lot of the branding.
    Still did alot of 3D and some animation on the title.
    Kane & Lynch was developed for three years? and originally as, what, a PS2 game?

    HOLY ... Quick! Pills!!

    This also means the franchise is a decade old ...

    Party time?

    Originally Posted by jam13
    Seriously , JP's Dog Days looks more interesting gameplay wise !
    Reminds me of that topic I made years ago, asking why was it that all the CGI trailers made for Dog Days concerned about Lynch and Kane looking underpowered and fleeing from insurmountable and near-invisible threat.
    And then the actual game turns out to ask you always plowing your way onward in a straight line, instead of basking you into a multi-layered environment where just about any interior can be busted into as you frantically search for a way out while dogs and whatnots are relentless in your pursuit and nearly unkillable without proper weapons, instead often resorting to improvised situations.

    Think of Hotline Miami, but instead of you going room to room killing people, it is you who is running from room to room escaping unrelenting A.I. that wants to kill you.

    Of course I doubt folks would rather anything but a empowerment fantasy shooter in, well, a third person 'shooter'.
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