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Thread: Take Five #5 - Answers Within - Removal of QTEs confirmed

Take Five #5 - Answers Within - Removal of QTEs confirmed

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    Take Five #5 - Answers Within - Removal of QTEs confirmed

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    Originally Posted by Freyja
    Thank you for your questions, everyone! Here are your answers.



    Well, I'm sure Freyja is super busy with b1skit leaving EM, so I thought I'd start a thread for her - based on the time between the last couple of "Take 5" Q&As, it's just about time for a new one. So let's hear it - list off your questions about Thief for the next Q&A session. Two questions maximum is probably a good idea.

    1) What's an detailed list of what features/abilities/parts of the interface can and cannot be turned off with the Hardcore mode developers talked about back at E3? A detailed list would be great.

    2) Will Garrett be exploring any locales or areas outside of The City's limits?
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    We haven't had a Q&A for a long time... I hope they haven't stopped it. :/

    You beat me to question 1. That was something I'd been planning to ask for ages now. Consider my first question a reinforcement of that one to increase the chances of it getting answered.

    2. Some of the upgrades in the preview screenshots seemed very combat-focused. I know it is difficult to have upgrades for stealth that fit in with Garrett already being a master thief, but what stealth upgrades CAN we hope to see?

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    1. I wonder whether we get to do more than simple stealing. You know, tracing someone, finding info, sabotaging, a bit of investigation here and there, freeing someone from prison, framing someone else. Simple and repetitive missions of TDS was one of the biggest pains for me. I hope new Thief won't repeat that mistake.

    2. Will the game support other playstyles than this pesky ghosting? I mean, officialy. I know we will get achievement (or optional objectives or something) for ghosting missions, but will there be one for, let's say, knocking everyone out? Completing mission in less than minute? Not using a load function?

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    Only one question i can think of:

    1. Can you give us an example what kind of Steampunk elements we will find in the game?

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    What about swimming? Have they answered that question yet? Will there be swimming?

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    Yay more Q&A!

    1) This interview mentions that "controls and navigation" are now the primary areas of focus for the team (in addition to AI work). Should we expect any systemic overhaul (on the scale of removing the XP system entirely) for the way Garrett navigates the environment?

    2) This new preview is GORGEOUS! Is it at all indicative of the style of storytelling in the game itself? Or will the cutscenes all be fully rendered CG sequences like we've seen in the rest of the previews?

    Edit: changed second question on release of new video preview.

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    1. There will be an editor for this game to develop mods?

    2. Will we be able to play in multiplay (that is via the Web with more than one user)?
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    1. Will we be able to make and play fan-made missions? (i.e. massimilianogoi's question)
    2. Should we start saving up to upgrade our PCs to be able to play Thief?

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    1. Was Nixxes given a PC-centric philosophy to follow for the PC conversion (i.e., "help make it a more hardcore gaming experience than the console version: minimize/remove the inventory wheel, make HUD graphics smaller, remove pop-ups," etc.), or will the PC version just be the same as the console version, only with better graphics. How is Nixxes doing and when will we see some of their work?

    2. Last we heard, "jump/mantle" and "swoop" were separated to be independent buttons from each other. Has your build progressed beyond this point, say to a point where Garrett can now freely jump/try to mantle whenever and wherever he wants?

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    1 * there will be some mission with the sun? Some Daytime mission ? all missions have different colors? 's atmosphere ? or all of them will be completed in a " gray - green- fogging "? i'm talking about Outside


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    Thanks for starting the thread, Brethren! I was just about to. Have no fear, the Take 5 sessions are here to stay. I didn't make that sweet header image for nothing
    I'll be taking your questions to the devs on Wednesday, so ask away!

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    I've got two questions of my own:

    1. Given that you guys are going for maximum immersion, can we then switch off all HUD elements?

    2. What can we expect from the game length-wise, knowing that Deus Ex: Human Revolution took roughly 20+ hours from start to finish to complete?
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    1. The biggest clear innovation of Thief: Deadly Shadows was the exclusive use of dynamic lighting only. Since that game was pre-current generation, and Thief is going to take advantage of next-generation hardware, is Thief going to be totally based on dynamic lighting?

    2. Since Thief is built on the highly customizable and approachable Unreal engine, and the series is known for its large fan developer community, is there going to be an editor?

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    1.Will there be other thieves lurking around in the city?
    2.Will there be any swimming at all in the game?
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    Seconding some questions posted by others already:

    1. Will there be a publicly-released level editor for Thief 4 akin to the ones released for all previous Thief games? The community has made over 700 fan-made missions so far for the other games, so this is a big question.

    2. Will there be swimming, like in Thief 1 and 2?

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    What's unique about Thief's (2014) stealth systems?

    Can guards and civilians travel to different locations to investigate sounds or sightings or do they stick to specific hubs? i.e. If I make a sound in the library, alerting the guards, will they follow me out to the hallway or dining room, or will they idle in the library waiting for me to return if I leave the area?

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    Awesome questions as always! I'd like to add my two

    1. Will the guards detect that there are things stolen around them and/or their are pockets picked and if so will they alter their behavior?

    2. Can guards climb to higher surfaces after Garrett?

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    1) Will there be swimmable areas in the game?

    2) Would you devs consider something like changing "Garrett" into, lets say, Garrett's son (perhaps something like Garrett junior) that I don't get so upset and disappointed in the new Garrett's major character and personality changes?

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    Could you please tell us a bit more about the ‘freerunning button’ that will handle climbing, mantling and traversing gaps in Thief?

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    It seems this thread has become official. The official Thief Twitter account posted this Today:
    Thief ‏@Thief 7h
    Got a questions for the #Thief devs? Head over to the forums to participate in the next Take 5 Q&A

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    It has indeed and any previous off topic discussion has been deleted (sorry taffers), as well as any post asking more than two questions.
    Keep those questions coming....
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    A question about the Special Edition:
    Can you explain why you chose to make the special edition exclusively a digital download, rather than have physical items for players interested in getting more than just a game?
    And on a related note, if you release the game later as a (hopefully) Game of the Year or otherwise special edition, will you include some physical goodies?
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    1. You mentioned QTE's in the last take 5. How are you planning to implement these so that they don't break immersion?

    2. How is the soundtrack of the game? (Samples please?)
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    Thank you for your questions, everyone! Here are your answers.


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    I expected the answer about swimming. But it's nice to finally get some clarification about QTEs. Definitely a good decision on the devs' parts to get rid of them.

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