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Thread: Blood Omen Ever Coming To GOG?

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    Blood Omen Ever Coming To GOG?

    So, I noticed GOG has all the LoK games except Blood Omen and I'm hearing this has to do with some kind of licensing agreement. For the record, I'm looking to purchase a legit (as in legal, of course), DRM free copy of the game. I would really love to own this game again and am a little leery buying a copy through Amazon, being the game is almost 20 years old.

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    Whew, well I don't know that I can give any specifics, but I'd have to say don't hold your breath on that.
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    So basically.... it's not.

    At this point I guess purchasing a PS1 disc version would be my only option. Just worried about doing that being the game is so old and not sure a disc version would still be in working condition, even if it's sold never opened and factory-sealed.

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    BO1 (at least PC version) seems to be in legal rights hell. Before PSN release I was sure that the game would not be released at all, because of the CD - SK legal dispute. But then it suddenly appeared on US PSN (under Sony's banner), and later on EU PSN (under SE's banner). Which reminds me - is the EU version still there? I'm having problems finding it.
    What confused me even more was this post by Vampmaster, because I was sure that European release confirmed that SK had nothing to say in this matter.

    The list of companies that at least at some point owned some rights to the game include:
    • Silicon Knights
    • Crystal Dynamics (rights transferred first to Eidos and now to Square-Enix)
    • Activision
    • BMG Interactive (now Rockstar Games owned by Take-Two Interactive)
    • Semi Logic Entertainments (PC port)

    So it's understandable why there are problems releasing it. GOG also has a policy of no regional restrictions, so if they sell a game it's either available worldwide or it's not available at all.

    I would also love to find a legit version of this game. I only got a chance to play it for a few minutes at some point. Getting it here is nearly impossible.

    Our best hope right now is probably Night Dive Studios.

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