Thread: Dead Men is in danger.... :(

Dead Men is in danger.... :(

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    Dead Men is in danger.... :(

    So, while GFWL getting shut down is good news... it also means that Kane and Lynch: Dead Men's multiplayer servers are in danger. I've tried playing multiplayer with tunngle/hamachi before, just to see if it would work... it didn't. So basically, once those GFWL servers go down, we'll never be able to play Deadmen online the PC again.

    Although, it seems like other games like Bioshock 2 are getting a Steam server patch... please, IO Interactive. Is that a possibility for Dead Men? Not only would it make the multiplayer 50 times more playable, but you could bet your damn ass a lot more people would be playing it.

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    Or Remaster Dead Men and Dog Days on next gen !!
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !