Thread: Does anybody play?

Does anybody play?

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    Aug 2013

    Does anybody play?

    Ive been dyeing to play this game online again, and I was wondering if anybody still plays it? Or would like to give it another go. Send me a friend request on xbox live @ Funker859

    Hope to hear from yall! Lets get this!

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    Brother, this place is dead and unless IO does a complete one-eighty and announce Kane and Lynch 3 it's very likely to stay that way.
    "That cat? Man, nobody talks about him. 'Cause it's like talkin' 'bout the black death" --Miami Vice

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    It's just experimental concept gaming. I find it best to keep a wide spectrum about it. You often get poled in singularities. Kane & Lynch' outlived their time. They beat the odds already by just making '2'. It's is a stretch from '1' and people are too far away from that.

    I am still trying to get 'DEAD MEN'