Big Cup Cricket is one of my favourite games on the iPhone.
I recently updated to the newest version of the game. Apparently this will fix bugs and is free. My initial thought was that it would be great that it is free as there would be more players playing online. I really really wish that I hadn't updated!

There are now adverts in an app that I have paid for!
I can't tell you how infuriating that is! And to make matters worse, the frame rate is now down to a crawl and with a fifth of the screen missing because of the adverts!!!!!!! :

Why is this! Why do I get an inferior product that I have paid for, just for updating to the newest version. This should be rectified as soon as possible. There should two versions of this game. One that is free and has adverts. And one that is for CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE PAID MONEY WITHOUT ADVERTS. There are hundreds of other developers that do this so why can't BGS and SE?

The reviews for this new version are all seem to agree with me. Please let us know what is happening with this app!