So I'm playing Dexter's Industries "The cave" and I am going for the Shadow rank on Normal difficulty so that I can unlock the technique upgrade.

I subdue all the guards, drag them and dump them in safe places, having a score of 0 all the way until the 17th guard down in the mine just 100m from where you activate the generator.

I throw my axe around to get guards to investigate, wait for them to turn around, subdue, drag to hide spot, dump.

The problem comes in where the 18th guard, magically does not get a subdue action when you are behind him. But if you pull up a pistol, Human shield then appears.

I've had this bug at least twice in the past on different levels and this prevents me from completing the level the way I'm trying to. I didn't even get enough score to unlock the technique upgrade even when I killed the guard.

I'm currently validating all my steam files cache to make sure I'm not missing something. But my guess is that it's an issue with the individual object of the guard itself. Maybe it's because he was standing with his back against a wall when I lured him out, or because a certain condition wasn't met.

I've activated Thread Subscription so I will come back when I hear my email drop in the box.