Ok so I have played through Abso on three different configurations one an nvidia GPU intel CPU. The others where an amd/amd system and an intel/amd system.
Graphics cards varied from 6xxx to 7xxx radeon x970 cards and an nvidia 770 gtx. Appears on all driver versions and I have also confirmed with other players that these bugs exist in their PC copy of the game as well. So everything I list below is a game issue and not something that just I am personally experiencing. None are game breaking but the game is so pretty that these few things detract from complete immersion.

Edit: All bugs are observed on 1920 x 1080 native monitor reso's as well as downsampled to 1680 x 1050. Single monitor configs no surround or eyefinity tests done.

- Shangrila area Run for Your Life: Very bad shadow flickering(mostly enviornment shadows{the rugs} and not tied to AO) visible while moving through the room with the projector and couch while following the police talking about being called to the building on a different complaint and "hearing of the building smelling like pine trees and now they know why". This is by far the worst offender and I don't know how this got into a release copy...my guess is this bug appeared as a bi product of something changed for an early performance patch. If you guys could fix just this and the one below I would love you. Even just this one.

-Last Area Death Factory: One of the rooms frame around the door(from the inside) totally vanishes at certain viewing angles. The door remains.

-Persistent Issue example: Run for Your Life.....library far wall 2nd floor from where the mission starts(the wall is red) flickers. I believe this is z fighting.
Basically this issue appears if viewing textures at long distances in a few missions and through the scope of a rifle. This is also a common problem in games today. The degree of intensity does vary from card to card. The higher end gpu of the 3 handles it the best while the weakest the worst.

Possible Game Breaker (non graphical)
-There is a door that may be labeled in the game code as a window or something the AI can see through (even when closed) leaving the elevator area in the beginning of Penthouse Blackwater Hotel. I have heard that their are other doors that exhibit this behavior. This is the only outstanding bug someone could argue is game breaking. Please fix this one as well.

Anyway if this happens to pass the eyes of anyone that could effect a patch to polish this otherwise pretty impressive addition to the hitman series. However please model the next game more like Blood Money and the prior games. I think you guys did a decent job on trying something different and for that abso stands up pretty well. That said real time map, keyhole peeking and larger maps without scripted AI based on the players would be great. Thanks and see your for the Thief 4.