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Thread: Can't Go Back for Relic After Completing Midas' Palace

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    Unhappy Can't Go Back for Relic After Completing Midas' Palace

    I completed Midas' Palace in Greece, but missed one of the relics. I went back for it but I can't get it now! I found this video and I'm following it exactly. I pull the lever to make the relic appear, and I see the little cut scene showing its location, but when I jump there I find the pillar hasn't actually been raised and the relic is still beneath me where I can't reach it. I thought perhaps it was timed, so I timed myself. I can actually get through the room much faster than the person in the video does, but still when I get there the pillar hasn't been raised so I cannot grab the relic.

    Frustrating! Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? I know I can download the master save file from this forum if I need the unlocks later, but I've done the puzzle myself I just can't collect the relic from it.
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    This may be a silly question, but is the room 'set' as if you were about to climb to the top for the lead bar? Make sure you've done everything you need to before trying again. That last pillar needs to have been raised to its first position before the second lever (from the video) raises it higher. I can't think of anything else that may help. It could be a glitch, I suppose.

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