Hey guys, I'm new here. Joined 10 minutes ago. I bought hitman during a steam summer sale and for me the game is great. There is however a bug I'd like to report.

In the mission "Rosewood", there is a challenge called "Subtle injection" with part 1,2 and 3. Where you have to use a syringe and kill enemies without getting noticed by other enemies, thus getting the challenge completed. What I've found buggy was the part 3. (Not entirely sure for part 2, it might be bugged as well) Anyway, on part 3, when you get to the last enemy (5/5), it resets the counter back to 1/5. And once you get to 5/5 again you get the challenge done. The bug here, is obviously the reset thing that wasn't suppose to happen. It's not a major bug, but I did see a lot of people complain about it on youtube and other major gaming websites.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Sorry if I posted an issue that already exist.