Okay, I've found several threads about the problem of people not able to play as Joker in the challenges, but I couldn't make use of any of the solutions:

I recently bought Arkham Asylum in the German PS Store, digitally. This one here:

I downloaded the Joker Challenges, but in-game I don't have a choice to play as him. NOW I searched for a solution, and what most said was:

"Look for the correct one, one is for the GOTY edition, one for the regular."

Well, I consider the one I bought as reagular, as it said nothing like "GOTY".

Problem is, I cannot find any Joker Challenges for non-GOTY anymore. Searching in the store on the PS3, I find two challengers, but both list "GOTY" at the end of their name and in the description.

Searching on the (German) website, I only find one, this: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwo...TMANAAGOTY0004

which is also for the GOTY. So, I'm confused now. Is there no way anymore to get the Joker for the non-GOTY version? Why does Sony only sell this game-version, but the OTHER DLC version in their store? Am I missing something?

Seriously, what am I doing wrong? I already re-installed, nothing worked so far, so, anyone still got any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance.