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Thread: Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

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    Multiple Accounts

    If you have any questions or need help, contact Square Enix Members Customer Support.

    It appears I have two different accounts, both tied to the same login info.

    The first one seems to be my original account as it has my games registered to it. The second is what I'm signed into using the same login information I've always used for my Square Enix Members account. I can only access the original account by going through the password reset process, which automatically logs me in upon completion. Logging in manually lands me in the second, newer account.
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    Did you register a new account on the website while also having the original account? If so I'd recommend just using your original account going forward.

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    I have the same problem, but i did not register a new account on the website, should we just keep resetting our password to login into our original account? because I want to keep my points due to the fact i was in the ultimate tier status.

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    Is this still happening for either of you or anyone else? We've worked to resolve the issue.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    It's still happening for me, but I've gotten around it by signing into my original account via the password reset method in my OP and then linking my Twitter account. Signing in through Twitter now works, but typing my account name and password manually still logs me into the new account.

    This way works for me, but would it be possible to delete the new account (that has no registered games) all together? At the very least i would get rid of a worthless account and at best allow me to log into the right account normally.

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    the new account has been deleted, let me know if you still run into this issue.

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    That did it, I can log into this account normally now.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I accidentlay set up two accounts, so my games are not together. DOes anyone know how I can fix this.

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    Did you register games on both accounts?

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    Originally Posted by Robert Peeler
    Did you register games on both accounts?
    I have the same problem, I've registered a single game on both my accounts.

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    Well I got KH 3D today, and I wanted to add the code into my account: ac4099. For some reason I couldn't login, and got impatient enough to register for another account (Nasakura). I didn't think that would be possible because of the same e-mail on that account. I just need one account, so would it be possible to delete Nasakura account, but save/add the points from the code of KH 3D onto ac4099 account. Please help me out!!!! [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cry.gif[/img] Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-embarassed.gif[/img]

    P.S. I'm not able to enter into ac4099 account now because of the Nasakura account.

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    I would probably put in forgot password and enter in your email, Username, or URL and it will email it to you to change it and you can enter in the same password you had before, Or you might just have to add a captial letter to your username or password. Hope that can help.

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    Yeah I have one game on one account and a different game on anotehr account

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    I was wondering if it's possible to delete your square enix member account somehow.

    I have 2 accounts now because of a mistake I did. I forgot to check spam on my first email, I got square enix mail but it was from europe so I thought it was something wrong.


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    I must know this as well. I have 2 accounts, and the one that I need to delete has all of my points lol.

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    A while back when I purchased FFCC: Crystal Bearers, I made an account and registered the game. I wasn't active with the account at all and think I may of only logged in once or twice after that and registered FFCC: Echoes of Time and didn't really do much other then look around. When Heroes of Ruin came out I went to merge my accounts and it seemed as if my old account was gone. However after just doing a search it's still there, I just can't access it. Is there a way to merge accounts so I can have everything under 1 username?

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    This is my old account. Hmm, maybe if I could just unlink my Heroes of Ruin account from that one and connect it to this one.

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    I see what it is. My username kdog254 is under SE's EU servers because of Heroes of Ruin and my username kdognumba1 is under NA servers. They both use the same email address as well. It appears I'll need 2 separate accounts either way as the EU servers ask for my email address when logging in and not the username. O well.

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    I have a problem, I didn't know I already had an account with Square Enix when I made one for when I played Final Fantasy XIV when I first bought it so I made a new one but here's the problem, I have points on my other account that I recently put up from my games, is there any possible way that I could have my other account merged with this one so that I don't have to buy the games again to get the points? I'm not worried about the how many times I've commented onto the forums but I just figured I'd want to have my games that I've registered onto one account.

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    Is this in the wrong forum, is there someway I can talk to somebody about this subject or am I at a loss?

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    So theres this new looking account thing we got going here and then theres this older account website. Are they transitioning all of it over to the new layout?

    I ask because on the old website It says I have FF XIV registered but when I check my games on this new one it doesn't say I have any games.

    I am confused LOL

    Can someone explain to me whats going on here?

    PS. I came back from a Hiatus when FF XIV first launched and really haven't been around since then.

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    Wow so no one knows? Same thing happened to me =___=

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    Hello, I have been having the same exact problem Paradox me has had and, same account name and it keeps logging me in to the new account rather than my original. My original account The unwanted account (Which is also the one I am replying with.)

    If you could please delete this very account I am replying with it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Might this be connected to the fact that you can login and post (but not edit your profile) here on SEM NA's forum using a European account?

  25. Is there a reason my browser keeps shifting from the NA site to EU site? Could this have any effect on my FF7 cloud saves/game?

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