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Thread: Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

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    Is it possible to unify accounts?

    Over the past few years I have made many mistakes on my accounts and I wonder if there is a way to unify all of them into one Master account.

    I used my primary Email account to sign up for the FF XIV beta back before ARR but it was the US version not the EU. I closed the account and opened a new one for EU but I could not use my email or my prefered username.

    Then when the accounted merged 2 or so years ago. I forgot my details and lost all my members codes.

    3 accounts later I found everything but I still have 2 accounts with information I want to keep. Then I finally made the mistake of playing 20 hours of FFXIV on the wrong account.

    Is there anyway of fixing this as it is driving me insane.

    If is can't be fixed can I transfer my FF XIV character to my other account?

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    Anyone? Please, I really don't want to lose everything.

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    What happened to all my previus registered games?

    I had quite a few Square games registered (FF13, FF13-2, KH 3D, KH re:coded, etc) and I logged on just recently for the first time in a while to add the new KH 1.5 hd game and all my previous games are gone! I noticed the site layout was changed too. Did we just lose all our previous games? What gives?

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    changing enix ID when logging in

    Anyway to change your login id? It keeps showing my old one which apparently doesn't exist anymore??? Really annoying and the customer support it a joke!!!

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    I have same issue mate it's a joke!!

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    I cannot get a one time password because it won't give me a code to activate the app as account management is showing an old id and not the new one which ffXIV is registered to.

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    I have the same problem

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    Major problem with gaining control of my account.

    Not sure why but for some reason even though I have the actual Game and Unlock code, the account now indicates I never have had it. Worse still I don't know why but I can't add it to my account. Could someone help me figure out where to go here? I just changed to a new PC which should be able to handle FFXIV and now.. I have to buy a new copy and lose my characters and account?

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    Yeah it's saying that my code has already been registered. But my question now is to WHO? I bought and used my account on three separate months. Why is it asking me to make a new one for FFXIV? I already bought the game on October 27, 2013.

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    So apparently I created 2 Accounts with the same address because it was case sensitive. I am.. boggled. I would of thought that would be caught. Ah well.

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    Question username already in use ... is way to confirm if i have already registered before ?

    its a username i use almost exclusively on everything I use all google results of said username usaully point to me

    so im just wondering if is a way to find out if it actually is me or if a fan took it before i had a chance to

    is possible to see the 1st two characters of the email they used to sign up with and the rest be starred out ?

    I have a lot of emails but if i were to see 1st two letters and it matched with even one of mine that would let me know that ive signed up before
    and i could take teh proper steps into getting access to it again

    if they dont match with anything then ill just continue on with this account and only be a little bit sad my main username got taken but its fair game on sites im not joined to

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    Unhappy double accounts on the same email???


    I bought Final fantasy a realm reborn to my ps 4 today, and i got a bit of a problem.
    When i registrated the registration code i thought that my square enix account still existed. But i was wrong.
    I tried to get the password back but the email didn't exist either.

    So i decided to make a new square enix account and i didnt't realise that you cant change login information once you already made an account on your ps4 (psn)

    Know i have 2 accounts on the same email, and there is only one account that is up and running.

    So now to the questions.

    Is it possible that Square enix accidently deleted my account?
    Can i get back my old account? because i wont buy a new copy of the game.

    I have already tried to send an email to square enix support but they are closed.

    Would be grateful for answers.

    My english is a bit rusty so please don't complain.

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    My Account Has Had a Heck of a Crazy Ride... May I PLEASE Have My Old Join Date Back?

    You know, when I first signed up for the forums under my older username (linked to this account, apparently, just search my post history), I thought that was the end of the SE account craziness where people were denied their original accounts based on pre-existing account name conflicts (yeah, because we owned our own account names/those names were OURS!).

    I was wrong.

    From the old animated avatars members program to the new members program involving new usernames for forums and old points history and account history in general being WIPED (because my old username was taken by ME!) and then finally a last more recent consolidation or -something- which led to me having to create ANOTHER username because my old one (the one whose post history this username inherited) was already taken again (yes it was! by me! hello!) which resulted in my account history being WIPED AGAIN...

    This is just too much.

    Do you know how crazy my account looks right now? The email address is the same address I used since the old animated avatars members site and yet absolutely NOTHING got preserved over the years... except my email address.

    DESPITE the fact that my accounts were supposedly 'linked' to my original email address, I actually lost everything - my previous usernames, registered titles, forum posts - and when I look at my current forum account right now, it says I joined in 2014 and yet links back to my old forum username's post history... and when I check my actual profile, it dates me back to 2012 with a single registered title under my name which is rather a slap to my face given the years I have actually been a part of the SE playerbase and given how many titles I had previously registered BEFORE and AFTER 2012.

    Not that I really think that it's possible to address this issue, but is there any way to fix at least the join date issue? I -think- I can re-add my old titles... maybe? (Or will I get errors when I try?)

    Like I said, at least for the join date, I DO still have my original Members (yeah, the animated avatar Members) confirmation email back from 2010 and the email address matches since I have never changed the email address before for my account. A good majority of my titles were registered pre-2012, so the fact that my account history was totally wiped (and yet somehow successfully linked?!) along with my join date is a really sore spot for me.

    Thanks for listening,

    P.S. I also keep getting logged out every few minutes. Though clicking the login button works and immediately logs me back in, that's still rather strange. Clearing cookies and caches didn't help.

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    So, what happened to my account? Its all messed up!

    I registered back in 2010 and had several games registered.

    Now they are all gone and the only registered games I'm seeing is the ones I registered in the last few months.

    I found some link that apparently merges accounts and did that, but my old registered games are not showing!

    This is the merge link I found:

    What is going on? It says my registration date is 9/10/13 but on this older looking SE site I found it says its 3/9/10!

    This is the older site I'm talking about:

    What the heck is up with this site????

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    2 accounts with same email on squeare enix!?!?

    As the title says it seems i have 2 accounts on square enix one with vmike as id and with FF14 a realm reborn and one empty (This one )
    Once i click on the support center i get redirected to the site where my normal account that i use is active, only here on this site i have this strange account dont know whats wrong can someone pls enlighten me ?

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    I seem to be having the same issue, I logged in just now to register my copy of Theatrhythm, and I was shocked to see it was the only game on my list, of which I had quite a large selection previously. I also registered in 2010, but my new account info says 2013, and seems to use the same account info. I tried logging into that old site but I have yet to try to merge link.

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    Account issues, 2 emails log into one account

    So i recently bought tomb raider on steam. I was looking forward to playing it until i came across with this annoying problem with square enix account. Here is what happened. Upon opening tomb raider, it gave me an option to create a SE account to link to steam which i did and typed in my email. I happily created my account and logged into the site. Noticing that there was no games registered even tho i linked my steam account i tot something was wrong. So i opened tomb raider and checked and saw that no account was linked. So i tried again when the email option showed up and used another email similar to my steam account. However when i clicked the link on the new email it automatically logged me into the 1st account. Now 2 emails can log into that one account and i am unable to use the account to log into square enix account management to delete my account or do anything about it. Some help would be appreciated

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    account form 2010

    I was playing ffxi and would like to return to the game and maybe play ffiv

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    Merge Square Enix Accounts


    For quite sometime I've using two different emails to access the website and I have registered my games in the two accounts separately by mistake... I think the accounts are registered from different regions because at some point it detected my region as EUROPE for some reason....

    I would like to merge the games of both accounts into one, this account is my preferred one because has the code for Final Fantasy XIV ARR and I don't know how to get that code again.
    Is this possible ?

    or should I just delete the other account and re-register the games on this one?

    would it let me do it even tough they where already added at some point even if they are deleted along with that account?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Think I might have 2 accounts now

    So I wasn't aware I could sign in via Steam.. I'd have done that first had I known..

    Since I signed up for a Squeenix account to play Final Fantasy.. now I have that too..

    When I sign in with Steam it takes me to my Squeenix account with that screen name..

    What would it have done had I not signed up for the Squeenix account & signed right in with steam ?

    I want to be sure I don't have 2 accounts.. since that's how it seems.. I only want to be a Steam user / account

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    Woow I don't see replies from SE since quite sometime now... I wonder I posting this will ever do something at all...

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    You cannot re-register games once you have used a code. If you have any questions or need help, contact Square Enix Members Customer Support.

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    Registration Circumstances

    I have 2 IDs.

    Then I try to change password to old one because I completely forgot . The link came up in my email. Now the problem is requiring one time password since I don't have the token. I use a new SQEX token on Android, completely fresh download and try to register. The problem came up again, it needs a registration password that on my email was deleted a few years ago. Now I'm stuck.

    I create new Id that I use now on different email.
    No answer for support when I sent email for help. Just knew that I delete email registration and lost registration password again. Cannot create new Id with same emails.
    Now I stacked up with these stuck.
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