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Thread: T-Rex boss in Lost Valley runs in place & won't fight

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    Exclamation T-Rex boss in Lost Valley runs in place & won't fight

    I just purchased Tomb Raider: Anniversary through Steam. I instantly fell in love with the controls; we can do so many cool tricks while jumping! Anyway it didn't take me long to run into a problem which prevents me from progressing further...

    The t-rex dinosaur boss in The Lost Valley level will not fight me! I shoot him to fill his red anger bar, and then he charges at me for one attack, but after that he stays angry and just runs in place. He won't attack me again, and shooting him doesn't do any damage to him. The battle is just stuck like that indefinitely!

    I looked up videos on YouTube to see how other PC players did this fight. I see two popular methods. One method is to kite him into the spiky roller things with your Shift+Arrow slow motion attack, but I can't do that since he just runs in place. A second method is to hide behind the invisible wall next to one of the spiky rollers. If I run to that invisible wall immediately upon entering the fight, I can lure him up against it where he can't hurt me...but I can't hurt him either (even with Z for manual aim). If I move out from behind the invisible wall he attacks once and then runs in place, just like always.

    Has anyone else encountered this? The game was so fun for the first three hours, but now I'm just stuck with this dinosaur boss who won't attack and won't die. It's incredibly frustrating! I'd really appreciate some tips as to how I can get past this. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    I couldn't understand why the t-rex was invulnerable to bullets, so I tried again and here is how I beat it.

    Step 1. The t-rex will attack you one time, and then run in place without ever attacking again.
    Step 2. Place a very heavy book on top of your mouse so it holds the buttons down.
    Step 3. Take a shower and cook breakfast.
    Step 4. After your healthy breakfast, come back in time to press the arrow buttons for the interactive cut scene.

    So now I can get back to having fun while playing the game! I still think the t-rex boss needs a serious fix, because the fight takes forever and requires no skill (aside from patience since bullets do so little damage).

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    Had the same problem, limit fps with an external software (I used catalyst control center), solved the problem for me. Because if you have a good dedicated gpu even with all graphics at high it will give you around 150-200fps and that can cause glitches.

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