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Thread: Kane & Lynch 3 Cancelled

Kane & Lynch 3 Cancelled

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    Originally Posted by BridgetFisher
    I hope it never gets made because they ruined Kane and Lynch 2 with that silly censored box
    In the great majority of games, shooting into a creature/person's head results in no particular graphical changes to the character's avatar.

    I've blown people away with shotguns an inch to their face and for the majority of times their head stays intact, maybe only one game out of twenty would bother add a graphical blood detail on the deceased's face, then again it kind of faints away after some time.

    So now that there's a game that takes this into account and occasionally implements a censor blur on the deceased's face, therefor, acknowledging that shooting into the head causes a 'noticeable' physical damage ... you're saying that you would have actually preferred had it follow the standard route of leaving the head bobbling around like nothing happened?
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    Just back to say...where the is my K&L 3 ?

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    Oh God no, please please PLEASE do a third, even if it's the last one we need a third!

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    The only way they can do another good K&L game is if they undo ever thing they did in K&L2, and just start from were Dead Men left off. In Dog Days the gameplay was bad and the storytelling was irredeemable. But if they redo it they can save Lynch's character.

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    I could be wrong but I don't think Lynch was even a career criminal. He just snapped on him wive killer her and then He meets the7 in prison. Lynch was the opposite of Kane, in that He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So in order to tell any type tragic downfall story, they would have to build him up as a criminal or not make a tragedy at all. Make it about his rise as a criminal.

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    I leave you alone for 10 years, Grievous, and this is where I find you? You're a long way from home, merc.
    "If he tries to shake us down, we kill him. Period. We make it fun, but we kill him. End of story."

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    You think this is surprising? did you see how nonchalantly Uhl Harboghast made a sudden three word comeback on the other thread?

    Last i heard of him was a year or two ago, when he went into a run-in with Spec Ops fans on some reddit forum when comparing the game with Dog Days ... it went just about as well as this. We should have been there ...

    You yourself didn't fared any better; your 'blog' updates on a regular basis on the list teevee shows you watch instead of actually, you know, broadcasting teevee shows (about your life) for us to watch. And you twitter account is somehow linked to your Steam account, which means it would update by the hour on your latest activity that seems to interest no one other than some data-storage A.I. that simply isn't meant for the public eye to behold.
    For things that are worth the public's sight however, you manage to give a full five star review on Steam for Hitman Absolution. What were you thinking brother, gone native have we?

    I have no idea where Brackstone went, and whether Bevacur succumbed to cannibalism or became a cult leader.

    Slash probably had a sex change just so that I would shut up, or maybe to look more like Lynch, I don't know.

    I know for a fact that Patrick is still alive ... somehow I can just feel it, you know? his shadow leaving a mark on my creative thoughts, or something like that.

    Pity I had a confabulation -yes, eat it Slash- somewhere up there and completely forgot how to access my PSN account, so I have no idea what became of our Belgian waffle master, same for that Imp thing for that matter.
    Which also means I unfortunately didn't see first hand their crushing disappointment over Bioshock Infinite. It would have been a sight to behold.

    As for me, I'm not even sure I'm here alongside you right now.
    I sure don't feel the same. I'm ostensibly not dead yet, but I don't know if I ever came back to begin with, not with this persona anyway.
    All I remember was that back in 2011, the Hitman Absolution board was already a trench war a full year and a half before the actual game came out, and once it did things did not fare for the better either.

    And I just didn't had the strength to fight the pessimism anymore. I had to let go. All we ever do is complain or wishing for things to be somehow 'different' than it is, hard to know for a fact whether Kane & Lynch 3 would have ever been made had its fan base been a bit more like ... common folks.

    But ... i'll still be blamed for whatever it is I've done with myself over the years, no doubt, it's only fair.

    And as the song goes ...

    Oh Grievous how you’ve gone too far
    Oh Grievous how you’ve gone too far and you should hang your head in shame
    For these wounds I cannot stay, you’ve gone too far
    You’ve broke my heart, you’ve gone too far

    The sum of all the parts that you have taken
    Are a fraction of the parts that make me whole
    But He was stronger than I was but it’s strength you can’t sustain
    Do not come to give me counsel you should beg forgiveness
    Of me Grievous ! ...
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    The conspiracy regarding IO's future projects continues, somewhat ...

    So I've just seen that IO Interactive posted three different job positions at Gamasutra.
    What caught my attention was the fact that it was posted the same day, march thirty first, as the comments made by the Square Enix chairman, the same which I've just commented on the only other topic of this forum that I can still hear people coughing in it.

    It looks like a odd coincidence, especially given that the jobs description themselves are written differently; the job description for Art Direction mentions working on an "unannounced AAA game project", while the position for Gameplay Programming clearly states it concerns Hitman titles.

    So I've checked into IO Interactive's own job list posted on their own web site. Sometimes they mention the 'unannounced' project, other times they clearly state it's Hitman related. But for the most part, such as with Art Direction, the job listing dates from pre-2013, and still mentions the "unannounced AAA game project".
    Since the Hitman 6 was only announced in early January 2014, it's safe to assume the 'unannounced' game was merely it.

    But then why is it that the job description for Technical Animation, dating After Hitman 6 was announced, still talks of a the unannounced AAA game project?

    To further fuel your need to conspire, rage, or comment, here's how IO Interactive describe itself ...

    I'll underline the parts that made my head flick sideways like an NPC in a Bethesda production:

    About Io-Interactive
    Io-Interactive is Denmark’s leading game development studio and home to a global, multicultural talent pool of people from all over the world. We define ourselves by our reasons to be: “Own and direct the Hitman experience to bring it to the broadest audience on the highest number of channels”, “Evolve Hitman into an industry leading, platform agnostic, ‘digital first’ franchise”, “Create, maintain, and expand the Hitman universe” and our core values: “We make and sell great games. Everything else we do has only one purpose: to help us make and sell great games.”, “We stick together, come what may. Io team members always help each other.”, “We are a “band of brothers and sisters”, not a factory. Specialists working together in efficient teams.”

    Io-Interactive is part of Square Enix Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
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    I knew I'd find you here, Grievous.
    "If he tries to shake us down, we kill him. Period. We make it fun, but we kill him. End of story."

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    Of course you'd find me here, what a silly thing to say: you summoned me here in the first place!

    You still have got a lot to answer for regarding your fanboyism to the Payday series; I've got them both for free with Playstation Plus, and I still can't play more than a hour a year before I start twitching all over the place.
    Embarrassingly un-energetic, lacking in purpose, repetitive order of events, whose great idea was it to make us restart a drill every forty seven seconds? worse are those levels where you have to boss an NPC around until he gets to a secure area.

    Heck there was even a level in the first game where you had to set a van on fire by pouring four cans of gasoline around it and constantly restarting the fire every now and then -because somehow the fire needs to be re-ignited- while cops surround you in endless waves, and after a while the NPC inside the van finally decides to step out, only for you to boss him around by repeatedly mashing a button until some convenient getaway helicopter decides to pick you up, but only if the helicopter pilot finds it convenient to actually land down and pick you up.
    You know how many screaming nights I spent in the asylum after playing through this level?
    And to think people dared to criticize poor A.I., lackluster graphics and animations and flimsy shooting mechanics back with Kane & Lynch in 2007, and suddenly Payday strolls around in 2011 and gets a pass!

    At least there's Grand Theft Auto V to make for it, somewhat, you've played it after all? or still stuck with Skyrim?

    Don't lie, that was never your forte.

    PS: I'm still up to shape for any jobs you've got planned, you know me, I'm always good for it, still taking low-cut for high risks, and shoot as much as my walls of text lengths!
    Hi, i'm the one who makes Wall of Text Armadas in a unhinged regular fashion.
    If you remember me, best start taking your pills again.

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    Pretty sure K&L3 will never get made, the developers who made K&L2 hated gaming so much that noone would ever buy a K&L game again. Destroying the franchise is probably why they all got fired.

    I think a new team could easily make a new game if they went maybe more for the prequel route? The guys were getting kind of old, if they make them younger they could reboot the franchise? The characters I liked very much, their very original which is what makes them fun to play. The whole censorship angle the developers forced on everyone as part of their "artistic" style because they hated violence in gaming really doomed the game from day one. If a new K&L is made I hope SE is more hands on with guiding the developers to teach them about successful game design so the developers know what video games are. I really got the feeling in K&L 2 that the devs never played a video game before which I think is why noone bought their game from all the bad buzz the game got, even game store employees laugh if you mention K&L 2 in the states I notice.

    I hope they dont make a sequel since well the last K&L killed the franchise it was so bad. The series is real good or the idea of it, so I hope the franchise gets a reboot instead of a sequel. SE is good at finding creative people with the right guidance they could make a good game I think.

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    I respectfully disagree on the notion that the Kane & Lynch developers knew nothing about "what video games are" and even less so that "because they hated violence in gaming".
    On the contrary, what Made Kane & Lynch special in the first place Is its straight and unrepentant approach towards violence in gaming.

    This a series that speaks heavily about violence without being condescending towards its audience, which was very beyond its time when you look at the recent avant-garde movement of 'games about games' in the industry, with the massive surge in 2012 with the likes of Spec-Ops, Far Cry 3, Hotline Miami and followed by Bioshock Infinite and etc.
    What these 'games about games' did was approaching their subject with disgust, spitting as much anger to both the player and the player character, supposedly in an approach to make it real deep and profound in order to make the player relate to the grotesque violence at display, and somehow wanting to make us feel sorry at the 'horror', but in the end I find them rather childish in their attempt to make their statement across. These games surely excel at other narrative department, but their treatment on 'violence in gaming'? Intrusive.

    The Kane & Lynch series was different.
    This is a franchise that was blunt honest from the beginning in what their concept and motif was about, it's about the ugly persona that inhabits it, the ugly way they perform their acts, the ugly resolution such actions enthralls.
    This is a franchise that knew that you can't have a shred of happy ending if you do nothing but shoot at people. No matter how sorry your character feels, or how tragic is backstory is, picking the way of the gun is simply never going to resolve your problems.

    By some miracle this game franchise had downer endings. To this day it's still very much inconceivable that a game shoves a downer ending after the waves and waves of violence that has gone through. Even Max Payne and God of War had bright uplifting endings. But does this mean that the Kane & Lynch developers hated the player and despised violence in gaming? Of course not, how can they be hateful of the concept of violence in gaming if they're so blunt and honest about it? They don't make pretensions, they deliver exactly what it says on the box.
    It's a shooter, it's about people shooting at other people in an attempt to gain whatever it is they seek, and they fail miserably. What do you expect? That somehow they succeed? Through violence and solves their dysfunctional lives with it?

    No, that would have been insulting. Celebrating video games does not enthrall to make ridiculous suggestions about how things work in life. You can't say that everything is going to be fine if despite your kill count you still have a silver lining in you, a heart of gold, genuine empathy. It's awkward to say that.

    It's great empowerment fantasy, i'll give you that much, to say that violence in games is fun. There's no shame in that, it's what video games excels at, shooting at stuff, it always has been and it probably always will be.
    But Kane & Lynch is a narrative based game, as such, it can not sit back and let the empowerment fantasy take over.

    This is the reason why this franchise isn't just a simple "bank robbers shoot at cops" shtick despite what so many people believes.
    It's the reason why its multiplayer, Fragile Alliance, is less about the staple 'teamwork' or 'free for all gun fight', but instead about manipulation deception and paranoia. It's grim stuff, it's some time even nauseating as you never know when betrayal will occur, and for what? for a handful dollars more? it's absurd, it's hard to make sense of it, and the best part? It's genuine violence, the absurdity of it.

    The story protagonist meanwhile are great gunfighters, the sequel was taking it to a whole new ridiculous level that is not so different to our average modern shooters, and yet it all feels very inconclusive. Why? Well why should it feel conclusive? Why should these guns for hire feel a great deal of satisfaction over what they're doing? They could if they wanted to, sure, but that's Not what they want.
    What do they want?
    Peace and quiet! a tranquil life away from the madness! To retire!

    Except they'll never get such quiet life if they excel at nothing but run and gun.
    Every button on your controller has a specific action attributed to it for you character to perform, but not one of such buttons allows you to 'talk', to 'interact' with another character, never mind eating or drinking or even sleeping.

    You said it yourself, the "guys were getting kind of old" ... but maybe they can "make them younger"! "Reboot the franchise"! Make stuff appealing!
    Empowerment fantasy works great in game, it's true, don't deny. But you're not so keen as to play as two grumpy old miserable ugly men who can't attain their happy ending. You're not satisfied with the censor box that prevents you from seeing the headshot you pulled in all its high definition glory.
    You enjoy games that are fun without restraints, that are welcoming in its approach, that are full of spectacle, and thereby violence.
    I like them too, truly, but I also know how to differentiate one genre of violence in gaming with another.

    In short, there's a difference between dumb violence and games about violence.
    Kane & Lynch is not the former.

    It killed the broad popularity of the franchise by not being the former, true, but what shame is there for not being about dumb violence? There's plenty of games out there that already do it, and with such glorious style!

    Games about violence are rare enough as it is, even rarer those that pulls an honest and convincing argument.
    Kane & Lynch was that rare game.
    Violence in gaming is a very interesting subject, but being critical of it does not mean that the critic or the developer is despising the subject and concept. How ridiculous it is to believe that people would have worked on a game for years only to declare the message "we hate this sort of stuff", common.
    They may not approve of the mentality they're presenting, but that's not uncommon in case of studies; we don't always have to empathize with the doctrine presented in order to make a point or explain its reasoning. But to suggest that they downright "hated violence in gaming" and that they knew nothing about "what video games are" is downright absurd, and if I may, rather violent of a statement in itself.

    If this franchise gets a sequel, it'll hopefully still not be pleasing to the wild masses, for they'll be disappointed, rightfully so.
    And let it be clear that the wild masses will have a right to dislike the topic about 'violence in gaming' in itself, we aren't going to indoctrinate anybody.
    Those who are interested in the study will step forward on their own, as they've done before.
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    Lightbulb Remastered with Glacier Engine 2

    Nah, Kane & Lynch series doesn't need a prequel or reboot .
    They should rebuild, remastered Dead Men & Dog Days with Glacier Engine 2.
    More polished and rework Dog Days' story and gameplay(stealth element ,useful human shield , add melee attack made Lynch more like a mad dog in NSFW level).......etc
    The most important thing is they must hire Jens Peter Kurup to write storyline.
    How could Kane & Lynch's story team without him ?

    the REAL inspiration behind Kane & Lynch
    Jens Peter Kurup: It's quite important in the single player and co-op that we're portraying characters and we're also portraying scenarios.

    That's why Dog Days trailers always looks more interesting and more deep .

    You can see the difference between JP and Karsten Lund .
    Dead Men:Insider #1 , JP interview & in-game
    Dog Days - Behind the Scenes_2, Karsten Lund Video Interview
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    A remastered edition for the cluster-pill-chugging mess that is Payday 2 has been announced for the PS4 and Xbox One.

    I see no reason why IO wouldn't 'remaster' Hitman Absolution as well.

    Kane & Lynch however needs to be rebuild from the ground up, a simple Ultra HD port wouldn't do.

    And that costs bank money!


    Kickstarters or something? haha.
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    Originally Posted by gnrGrievous
    A remastered edition for the cluster-pill-chugging mess that is Payday 2 has been announced for the PS4 and Xbox One.

    I see no reason why IO wouldn't 'remaster' Hitman Absolution as well.

    Ahhh !! Definitive Edition........again
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    The 4th anniversary of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    Originally Posted by jam13

    Ahhh !! Definitive Edition........again
    See? this is just stupid!


    Wait a second... if, If Kane & Lynch gets ported ...

    Will it mean that ...

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    Originally Posted by jam13

    Ahhh !! Definitive Edition........again
    I hope this isnt censored because the devs hate violence in video games, their really in the wrong industry if their trying to use a game to make a political point. Guess if it is censored noone will buy it and the series will finally be dead. The last one barely sold at all due to the censorship so lets hope they hired a team who at least knows what a video game is.

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    Thumbs Up

    It feels good to see people stuck in a loop, makes my life looking a lot less wanton.

    Or at least it makes a great excuse for another wall of text armada.
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    Never thought KL will have a Collection even IO was really ed up PC version very bad.
    Maybe one day "Kane & Lynch Redux" and "Kane & Lynch 3" will be happened .

    Square enix store :Kane and Lynch Collection

    Steam store :Kane and Lynch Collection
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    "You betrayed us IO Interactive, you left us behind and ran with it all." - Elder Brother

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    Im here just to join the people who want this games to continue. Just like Hitman saga, this games are so different of the rest of third person shooters we are bored. We know (people who like the saga) we are few but our support for the saga should be enough for the company. I know this isn´t how companys work, but just like movies or other pieces of art, the mature and expert public will give you the reason. This games are AAA.

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    I usually here watch all the movies for myself In good quality and free of charge, can anyone find their favorite things there)

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    "The studio "lost Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas in the 'divorce'" from Square Enix, Abrak says,
    but it emerged with the rights to Freedom Fighters and Hitman. "

    Sad news to me.....
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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