I'm really getting disillusioned of the game. I loved it at the begining but now that I'm playing it a second time to try to finish the game at 100%, I see too many glitches, bugs, freezes, stupid challenges, save loss.

I'm really tired and frustrated, and I think I won't buy the next one (I was a huge fan of the serie but you're definitly killing the game.

- This stupid challenge Angel of Death 2 (PS3): why do we have to do ALL the level (the 3 sub level in the same row) ?? Explain to me how do the guards of the precedent sublevel respawn when we restart from the begining of the next sub level ? Can you explain to me why ? I do want an answer. I'm not going to do this stupid challenge, this is insane and I won't take like 5 hours to reach it.

- The multiple freeze all the time, ALL THE TIME (cf bug report topic).

- The glitches (cf question to developper topic) : this notebook stuck in the gang of Lenny mission. This place in the reception in Dexter Industrie in which we go throught the wall. The hack of the score against you do nothing : explain to me then why a guy gets 25 millions points on a level in which the maximum is not more than 600 000 ?

- And again the freezes all the time !

Can you do something, those are not minor problem, those are major problem which require your entire attention because it's totally ruining my experience of the game. I'm really convinced I won't buy the next one unless you fix all this.

And stop deleting the messages of the players. We paid for the game, we have the right to express our opinion.